Friday, May 6, 2011


here's my week in instagram pics :) i double love this app on my iphone! it transforms all of my regular pics into works of art...okay, so not really, but it's really awesome!

i already posted this pic, but this was the night i got my mother's day gift in the mail!! i love this necklace from the vintage pearl and have worn it pretty much ever since i got it...i almost slept in it last night, but then i worried that it might get tangled in my hair...have you seen my hair lately? it's LONG! and jamie likes it, so it'll stay that way!

here's a good pic of the long hair...this was tonight, date night! we went to olive garden! yummy!! we have been doing so good dieting and we manage to still eat pretty good when we go to olive garden...i get the salad, no cheese, with the dressing on the side{and i'm not allowed to ask for more dressing}, jamie gets the soup and then we split an entree. tonight we had some kind of roasted beef with cheese tortellini in a marinara sauce. mmmmm! pretty sure i went over my calories on that meal, but we each only ate half and were so stuffed!! i did eat one small bite of a breadstick, but i'm staying away from those because a patient at work told me that one breadstick is 8 points on weight watchers...well i'm not doing weight watchers, but that sounds like a lot for one measly little breadstick..and i don't really like them, unless they are dipped in the dressing and we already went there {ps the drink is lime with water - yes i meant it that way}
okay so i enough of the necklace i know! but i really love it! it's so special and i want to wear it everyday! i thought it paired nicely with my black Grey's Anatomy scrubs today :)

me and my mom at work today. do you think i look like her? did y'all know i get to work with my mom? yuppers! every other friday from 1-5 at Dr. J's office! we have a blast and try not to gab too much when Dr. J is there ;)

as you can tell these flowers are not in a vase...nope. they are in a drink dispenser...why you might ask? well when i tried to put them in the only tall vase i have, they looked awful! they were all scrunched together and they just didn't look happy...the closest thing i had to a vase was this great drink dispenser from Kirkland's {i got it last year when we moved into the new house} while it's not the ideal vase, i thought it looked kinda cute and different! the arrangement is currently sitting on my island, making my kitchen feel very summery!

if you know me at all, then you know i'm a -tooth freak- {aka registered dental hygienist} and i love all things teeth. well, i always thought i had a pretty white smile, until i started working for Dr. J and one of the first things he said to me was, "have you ever thought about whitening?" well, he continued to press the matter and even bought me a box of Equate Advanced Whitestrips...which i used {he only gave me the tops he kept the bottoms for himself...he's kinda strange that way} all week and barely saw any difference. so tonight after dinner i made jamie drop me off at walmart so i could go buy some stronger whitestrips. here's the dilemma..i have really sensitive teeth, so i just have to go kinda slow..but i'll keep you updated on the progress :) {ps the Equate strips were very mess, held onto my teeth well, and did not taste bad - i just didn't see much results after using the entire kit}

this picture is EPIC! jamie called me today to say that craig was in town {go here to read all about craig and brooke! it's a great story!} he wanted to invite him over to play video games...he just needed a guy night..that was fine, because we had plans for our date night, but that's really just going out to eat with my sister and her hubby, then we usually just chill at the house or watch a movie...i said that would be great because i would be blogging and working on some house stuff {ie: shopping online for stuff for our bedroom} so when we got home tonight, craig was already waiting in our driveway with his backpack on containing his computer...these boys are total tech nerds!!! so i'm in the kitchen blogging and i can hear the guys playing call of duty in our bedroom...the xbox is set up in our room so it's not so loud {jamie only plays those games after the boys are asleep - i do not endorse call of duty or games like it...they are wayyy too violent and realistic} just thought the pic of the guys in bed together was pretty funny!

last, this is a cool picture frame i found today at Kirkland's for only $9.99-it had been $24! it's a family tree and says "the roots of a family tree begin with the love of two hearts"...i have post-its all over showing whose picture i want to go will hang either in the boys hallway or possibly in the kitchen. i haven't decided yet.

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