Thursday, April 28, 2011

terrific thursday!

my day so far...
6:30 - wake up with jamie, make his lunch, start dinner in the crockpot, run a load of dishes, tidy kitchen
7:15 - get dressed to go work out, get the kids bag packed for a day with PaPa (jamie's dad) then Mrs. Julie (the babysitter) then Daya (my mom), drink my breakfast (strawberries and cream slimfast! YUMMY!)
7:30 - start to get the kids up, load up the car, change, dress, and get milk ready for both kids...jonah prefers warm formula in his sippy cup with the soft spout only, and noah wants cold "choc choc" (chocolate milk) preferably in his Toy Story cup
7:59 we're finally in the car and on the way to greenwood...
8:11 detour thru greenwood because of an ambulance, fire truck, police car and others in front of the Deal's home (she's in my workout class so i asked her what happened...she had no idea!)
8:15ish drop the boys off with PaPa...noah has to show me at least 3 things before i can get out the door
8:20 made it to the gym for the first circuit class! i'm pumped!!
9:20 OMG! hardest class EVER! my arms and legs feel like jello! Amanda's gonna get me in shape though!!
10:00 weigh (i hate my scale!), shower, dress for work, makeup, hair (still partially wet cause of this dang ol' humidity!)...lost one of my favorite earrings?! cannot find it, maybe it fell behind the bed last night?
11:00 writing this blog post because i feel like i've had a full day and it's only 11:00!!! still have to eat lunch, go to Sam's and make it to work by 1:00 :) i have a potential hygiene student shadowing me today so i have to be on my best clinical behavior ;)

off for more of my terrific thursday! have a blessed day!


these are just some pics we snapped the other day (4/26/11) of the crazy storms that were about to hit! i took the first few, but when the sirens started going off the boys and i got in my closet and jamie stayed outside to capture the rest! i've never seen an actual wall cloud before! it was crazy!!

(we are standing in our driveway looking across the street in these pictures)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wordless wednesday: a boy and his Jessie

Weight Loss Wednesday

I am so very inspired by my friend Brittney who has lost an amazing 44 lbs!!! She's done it the slow and steady way, over the last 6 months, which is how I am planning to shed the pounds also!

So my weight loss journey started...well to be honest it started after I had Noah...I did so great with the help of Let's Lose, lost about 30 lbs in 3 months, then I slacked off a bit and got pregnant with Jonah and gained it all back. every last stinkin pound! so this time around I am starting 10 lbs lighter than when I started Let's Lose and my goal is to lose 55 pounds by the time our Christmas trip to Disney World gets here!!

(above: This picture was taken in August 2009 after I had lost about 30 lbs! still wanted to lose another 30 after that but it didn't happen..i got pregnant again instead!)

(<--- This picture was taken in October at Noah's 2nd birthday this is us pre working out/losing weight!)

Jamie and I started working out daily (or almost daily) at a little gym down in Greenwood and have been eating much healthier...lots of protein, no sugar (bye cherry coke! i sure have missed my afternoon Sonic Cherry Coke!!!), and low carbs (notice i didn't say no carbs! could never do that again! tried it in high school...not the diet for me)

stats so far: as of Monday, which is our weigh day, I have lost 3.5 lbs!!! I need to take my measurements so i can see how many inches i'm losing as well...I'm doing really good with the weights and can already feel a change in my weak, flabby arms! also, i've been going to the gym in the morning, they have a sitter for the kids, and i love the energy it gives me for the rest of the day...we had to miss today due to MOPS and Noah's first teeth cleaning appointment (that story will come later)
so wish jamie and i luck on this journey...he wants to lose about 100 lbs (he's already down about 8! i'm so proud of him!!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

the boy's easter basket goodies 2011

Easter came with lots and lots and lots of rain and storms this year! We had an amazing church service and the kids in the nursery even got to do a little easter egg hunt in the halls of the church.

After church we went to Jamie's Aunt Detra's house for lunch and an egg hunt. Noah was a little crabby, and both boys needed a nap desperately, but it still managed to be a great time! Noah hunted the eggs like a semi-pro this year...still not quite understanding that you have to get to the egg before the other kids! :) he would rather find just one with candy in it and eat all the candy, then go find another one!

Jamie and Jonah before lunch at the Pearcy's
Kylah and Noah hunting Easter eggs at the Pearcy's house

the boys wore matching linen khaki's and blue and white sweater tops from The Children's Place (this is probably my favorite store for the boys), jamie matched with khaki's and a blue button up shirt, and I wore my new favorite shirt from The Limited...a creamy, lacy shirt with ruffles down the front! I wish we had The Limited at our mall, but I would probably spend way too much there if we did!
my sweet little 9 1/2 month old! of course his eyes were closed! LOL!
my sister in law, Jessica (aka Jess-s or JJ) and me

After lunch and the egg hunt, we went over to my parent's house for a surprise birthday party for their friend JoJo, and we also wanted to meet Jose, the new guy that's going to help my dad with his newest Criket location (it's a cell phone store). We had a great little party and then everyone promptly fell asleep!!
Italian cream! yummy!!
Once we woke up, it was about 6:00 and I didn't feel like just going home and having to clean up the house, so we went back down to Greenwood and dyed eggs with the Brown's :) Noah had a great time, for a little while, but the skies started really looking creepy and there was a tornado watch the whole time! once it started raining it seemed like it would never in-law's house is by a creek and a cow pasture and the entire back pasture was flooded!! aparantly, their house usually floods, but this time it didn't! thank God! we contemplated just staying the night, since it had gotten so late, but we decided we should get the kids home, so we packed up around 10 when there was a break in the storm...
Noah watching the water change colors from the dye

Jonah enjoyed playing with this piano while we dyed Easter eggs!
my sis-in-law Jessica and I are the paparazzi at every event!
looking across the highway from the in-law's house..i think they called this a "shelf cloud"...right before it started raining

it stormed on and off again all day yesterday too! i'm really getting tired of the rain because i do not like to get out in it! we managed to make it to the gym and then straight back home before the storms hit yesterday. the rain has finally let up today, although i think it's supposed to storm again tonight..but the boy's and I have had an eventful day..we got out to go the gym and WalMart!

Friday, April 22, 2011

flash back: christmas 2010

sooo here's the story - we haven't been able to figure out how to download our pictures for a while now and i've finally got a minute to actually sift through the thousands of pictures i have taken since last summer! here's a few gems from last christmas!
*noah writing his first letter to santa "dear santa, i want toy story and colors. and toy story. thank you."
*noah playing with daddy's iphone on Christmas day...our phones have always been his favorite toy!
*the boys first cheesy santa picture together! taken at the Winter Wonderland out at chaffee
*trying to take a family picture on Christmas Sunday! it would be a miracle of God if we all were looking at the camera at the same time!!
*Jonah's dedication on Christmas Sunday at Victory Temple! our entire family came...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthdays and Motivation!

{this photo is from January or February...he has really grown since then!! He just started crawling with his knees this past weekend and we went for his 9 month checkup on Tuesday...he is 19 # 5 oz and 30 inches...that's 25% for weight and 95% for height! Tall and skinny boy!! we love this little guy so much!!}

April is turning out to be such a great month!!! Not only did we decide that I would stay home with the boys, but it was also my 25th birthday last Friday! I had to be at a continuing education class all day Friday for dental hygiene, so Jamie drove down to Little Rock Thursday night and we stayed with our friends Charlie and Emily. This was so much fun because we realized we hadn't seen them since I was pregnant with Jonah (that's been about a year now!) Charlie is in residency program to be an ER doctor at UAMS and Emily is a teacher, working for a military base in Little Rock right now. They are great friends and it was so nice to catch up with them.
The trip also gave Jamie and I lots of great time to talk and we decided that it is finally time to really get in shape and start eating healthier...I did really good with Let's Lose after I had Noah, but when I got pregnant with Jonah I gained it all back! Jamie completely lacked the motivation to lose weight and get in shape with me back then and it really made it hard for me to stay motivated. This time we are in it together!!!! We really want to get in shape and be good role models for the boys, so we joined a gym and have started eating much better...cutting out all sugars (bye bye cherry Coca Cola, I miss you!) and eating a high protein, low carb diet and drinking TONS of water!!! Jamie's goal is to lose 100 pounds and I want to lose about 55 pounds...we started working out on Monday and we will do our weigh in next Monday! I'm excited to see how much I've lost this goal is to lose between 2 and 2.5 lbs each week.

Friday, April 8, 2011

i heart birds

hey everybody!

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i want to win the family tree necklace!! it's sooo cute!!

a rough patch

okay so this is gonna be short and sweet...i'm looking for suggestions!

jonah is 9 months old today! hoorrayyy!! he's growing so fast and is such a joy...but not so much when he wakes up at 1:30 am and then 5:45 am! ahhhhh!! he goes to sleep fine between 7:30 and 9:00 (our schedule is always crazy so we don't have a great bedtime routine..this is probably a lot of our problem) but then he wakes up at least once every night.

what we've tried:
1. bottle - this works almost every time...he will drink one right at bedtime about 8-10 ounces, then when he wakes up he takes another 6-8 ounces!
2. let him cry...needless to say i can only handle this for so long before i go scoop him up
3. rocking him...he is a wiggle worm...he doesn't want to just sit and be rocked
4. go to bed with him in the guest room so we don't wake up jamie and noah (here's our other problem, noah won't stay in his crib or big boy bed, so he sleeps on his little couch next to our bed...another problem for another day)

the second wake up is the hardest...i just cannot be awake at 5:45 am! we like to sleep until around 7:30...

HELP! how do i get him on a better schedule!?!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

taycee, "yeah, baby" and CEBU!

well needless to say, i've got some catching up to do!

what a whirl wind the last few months have been! let's recap, shall we?!

July 8 - Jonah was born!!
July 9 - April 6 - Jonah ate, Jonah slept (kinda), Noah went to daycare, Jonah went to Mrs. Julie's, I worked all the time, Jonah ate more, Noah ate broccoli all the time, I became the President Elect for the hygiene association, Jonah crawls weird, Noah says "Yeah, baby" to the waitress at WaffleHouse, Jonah eats more than Noah, Noah calls me "Tay-cee" all the time, there were some holidays thrown in every now and then, oh yea, I got laid off from work, I started staying at home with the boys, Noah kissed all his friends on his last day at daycare, Jonah still doesn't sleep through the night, Noah has become obsessed with singing VeggieTales - "The Song of the Cebu," Jonah still doesn't crawl "right" but now he cruises around everywhere! oh! and Jamie learned to bake bread and wants to open a bakery! (and he started his own blog...i should warn you that it doesn't make any sense..and it's not supposed to!)

whew..i think that's everything! elaborations are coming! :)