Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

can i please get an amen that this summer has flown by! i just blinked and it's almost august! we've been swimming a lot, had a great party for Jonah's first birthday {more to come on that tomorrow hopefully}, had a few play dates here and there with some good friends, celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary {i'll post soon on that too}, and have been staying inside due to the unbearable 100+ temps everyday. we've even taken to just walking through walmart or target just to get out and escape the heat!

we kinda let the diet slide for the past couple of weeks, but have decided to really start hitting the gym hardcore again and stick to the diet!! we just switched gyms {the new one is closer and offers a lot more} and i'm gonna start doing Zumba in the mornings and then working out with jamie at night; we might even try out the beginner's spinning class on tuesday nights! {they also have better childcare hours so we can take the boys with us at night when we go together}

jamie is just about to hit the 40 lb lost mark!! i'm so proud of him! i'm still holding strong at -15 lbs..i've hit this plateau that i just can't seem to break..but i know it's gonna happen! i still want to lose around 40 or 50 lbs...i can already feel my body getting so much stronger! it's been so long since i've had any resemblence of "abs"...i'm nowhere close to a 6 pack, but i can feel the muscles underneath the fat and it's a great feeling!

the new gym also offers trainers at no additional cost, so i'll totally be taking them up on that and hopefully they can help whip my booty into shape :)

well, i hear jonah waking up from his nap, so i gotta run..good luck to all you other ladies out there participating in weight loss wednesday!

Friday, July 8, 2011


my sweet baby jonah

turns ONE today!

big first birthday party planned for tomorrow afternoon!!
Happy First Birthday little cow :)