Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving..and other news!

it's hard to even express all the things i am thankful for this year. God has blessed my little family so abundantly, and i just feel so unworthy.

i have two amazing families that just love me, jamie, and noah so much. i couldn't make it on a daily basis without help from them. from my parents opening their home to us while we are selling our home, to jamie's parents just being there to watch noah WHENEVER i call! i am so blessed!

i am so thankful for jamie. he is such a rock for me. last night while noah and i were in poteau with the girls, jamie had to stay home all alone...and at 2 in the morning when noah and i couldn't sleep he answered the phone before the it even fully rang once and talked me home, then put our precious baby to bed and cuddled with me til i fell asleep. i just love that man.

words can't express how thankful i am for noah. this little boy just makes life worth living! he is so much fun all the time!!! into everything and going full speed ahead at every moment. life is so exciting and interesting for him!! i'm so thankful to have healthy babies! what a blessing! which leads me to my big news....

I'm Pregnant!!

i'm due july 11, 2010 with baby #2!! (we're hoping it's a girl...a little Audrey Claire)

life couldn't be better! thank you God for all your blessings this year!