Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i forgot to tell you!

i lost 25.5 pounds and
  30 inches!!!! 


we're having a GREAT time!

we left thursday night for our vacation! we've been all over the OuterBanks...we have seen two lighthouses, the house that was used in Nights in Rodanthe, and some crazy waves caused by Hurricane Bill!! it's been a great vacation so far.
we are in Washington D.C. since yesterday. we drove alllllllll day yesterday...literally! we left OBX at 8:30 and finally arrived at our condo at 3:30 (we were supposed to get there by 12 or 1) then we drove all around downtown dc seeing the sights (and trying to find a parking spot!) we finally made it to dinner at the ESPN Zone restaurant, which was pretty good. it was jessica's request since it was her 25th birthday!! :) we all had a great time walking around downtown and just looking at all of the monuments. 
here are some pictures from our trip so far!

the family in front of the White House!
aww! i really do love him!!
jamie picked a flower for me :)
this is the view from our beach house!! so beautiful!!
noah has done sooo great throughout the trip! he is such a big boy!!
the beautiful ocean view!!
"Serendipity" from Nights in Rodanthe!
a great family shot in front of the Bodie Lighthouse!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Five Generations!

At my parent's 25th wedding anniversary party, we got the chance to take a 5 generation picture!! Thats my Granny Cagle, my Papa Ron Cagle, my daddy Keith Cagle, me, and noah :) what's really cool is that papa, dad, and noah are all first born sons :) and i am also a firstborn! we thought that was pretty neat! Noah has such a great heritage, both on my side as well as Jamie's side. he is so blessed to have two sets of grandparents, great grandparents, and even a great-great grandmother still living!! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

was that really just one year ago??!!

noah is 10 months tomorrow! he is getting to be such a big kid!! he is still up playing in the living room...just talking away!! he yells and grunts and makes he funniest noises! 
we are leaving for vacation tomorrow...Outerbanks, NC and Washington D.C. 
noah is currently trying to unpack our suitcases :) 

i loved being pregnant. i loved the way my body looked (for the most part) and i just loved being able to feel noah kick and move and knowing that i was growing a precious little boy :)

it's so hard to believe that he will be a year old soon! 

well it's time to get him to bed..so nighty night

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

from My Trendy Tykes...just type in your name followed by each word into google search...it's so random!!

1. {kacee needs} to survive her cancer...i pray against that right now! 
2. {kacee looks like} a lot more fun to be with! definitely!!! :)
3. {kacee wants} you to join her mob...STUPID! i hate all those requests on facebook!
4. {kacee does} it with a unique twist... i'm pretty unique i guess!
5. {kacee hates} stupid roommates...i only had nice roommates! :)
6. {kacee asks} about you all the time. true. i do. ;)
7. {kacee likes} things that smell like cabbage...no i do not!
8. {kacee wears} "budding chiffon" in purple heart, $32, Nordstrom...never been to nordstrom
9. {kacee eats} airplane. i don't think the metal would taste very good.
10. {kacee was arrested for} driving while intoxicated. NEVER!
11. {kacee loves} alex/anthony/ryan...nope...i love JAMIE! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

just gotta toot my own horn!

okay, so i've been with Let's Lose since the end of May.

we've had our ups and downs...many, many downs...and then several surprising ups...but today was great! i have finally surpassed my 20 lb 'mini goal' and hit 23 stinkin pounds today!!

my consultant, alicia was really proud of me and she even emailed my picture :)
why yes, thank you for noticing! i am wearing a smaller scrub top!! i got to move down a size because we had an extra at work and it just happened to fit this morning!!
what a great day it was!!
Goal Recap:
Longterm goals = -65 lbs/healthy bmi/i want to fit into the jeans i wore before i got married
So far = -23 lbs/bmi has gone down about 5 or 6 points/ i can wear jeans from 2 summers ago!! (about 1 1/2 dress sizes so far!)/ -24.25 inches!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

now what do i do?

UPS just delivered the cutest, white, a line dress (see picture) to my doorstep. i ordered it from Gap a week or so ago to wear on the beach for those quintessential white top/khaki pants pictures :)
i jump on any opportunity to make my husband take pictures with me!!

so i laid noah down for a nap then ravenously tore into the little gray bag...there were a couple of other items, a cute gray top, an adorable blue flowery print dress, and a hoodie for cool nights on the beach...but what i wanted was the white dress. i ripped open the package and ran back to the bedroom to try it on.

i shook out the wrinkles and unzipped the side zipper...stepped into it and pulled it up.

then i slowly zipped the zipper back up.....


it won't stay on!! it's TOO BIG! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

okay, i thought, it came with optional spaghetti straps...so i quickly find the straps and attached them...but all they do is hold up the big dress....

we are leaving for the beach in less than 10 days...

yes i wanted to lose weight, but i really wanted to wear this dress! :(

now what?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

facelifts and tummy tucks

i've been "trying on" new looks for my blog today..but i think i'm in need of some real help! it still just doesn't 'feel' right! 
so let me know what you think so far...and feel free to leave me any comments/suggestions on what would make it better! anyone know any good, free header designers??  i'd love to add pictures to my header! 

in other news...i'm still dieting with Let's Lose! at my last weigh in i was up to 21 lbs/ 24.25 inches lost!! i am still daily amazed at how much i have really lost, especially when i try on pants that haven't fit in 2 years and they are too big!!! Heck Yes!!
...keeping it in perspective, i still need to lose about 40ish more lbs. but hey! i have lost 21 lbs!! that is FABULOUS!

of course, having a baby completely changes your body. duh! 
i just didn't realize how much it would change it.

my thighs will never be the same. thunder thighs does not begin to cover it. my tummy sags in ways i never knew it could {cesarian scars are just not pretty! i'm gonna ask my ob to do a tummy tuck after the next baby!} my boobs...oh heck, i'm just gonna say it. a few months ago jamie called them "swahili woman boobs." don't pretend you don't know what i'm talking about! but ladies, there is life after breastfeeding! they will shrink back down to normal proportions! stretch marks, varicose veins...these are the reasons i will not be wearing a bikini to the beach this year! 

it is perfectly respectable to wear a swim skirt to the beach! 
come on ya'll show me some love!! ;)

11 days left til our vacation to the Outerbanks, N.C. and Washington D.C.!! i can't wait!! 

hi. my name's kacee. and i'm an addict.

...of Lost and Twilight that is...
i started reading Twilight about 2 weekends ago and i'm LOVING it! i just wish there were more hours in the day so i could actually finish a chapter!! haha!! right now i'm carrying it around in my purse waiting for a delay at a stop light, or a chance to sit in a parking lot and read a few pages...maybe i need to be like Linda of My Trendy Tykes and start hiding in the bathroom so i can read a few pages!! (if you've never checked out her blog, you so should! she's hilarious!! and so down to earth!!)
then last night, for lack of anything good to watch, jamie and i found Lost season 1 on netflix instant play! do you have netflix? if not you should!! it's the best thing ever!! you can instantly download tons of tv shows and movies straight through your xbox 360, or you can buy a little tiny black box called Roku ( i think ) and watch it anytime!! so handy!
my lastest find was the first season of Beverly Hills 90210...hahaha!! that's some funny stuff!!
well, we are on episode 5 i think..so i better go!! it's getting good!!