Saturday, January 31, 2009

282 Toothfairy Lane

tonight we went to gama and gramps house (aka my mom and dad) and mom brought out the most hilarious little story written in part by yours truly circa age 10 :)  long story short, while my dad was stationed in mississippi we got the chance to drive down and visit him (maybe for spring break? i don't really remember) of the things we did to occupy the horrifically long trip (imagine the three cagle gals, ages 10, 8, and 6... and one cagle mama trapped in a car for over 10 hours straight!!! yikes!) was to compose a short story titled 282 Toothfairy Lane. each one of us would write a short piece, then mom would say, "STOP!" and the next person had to pick up where it left off! i guess mom came across it today, and it had a tiny note attached to it that read, "Mom, when can we finish writing this? - Kacee" i was using my very best cursive handwriting, so i'm thinking 6th gradish :) so cute, we all had a good laugh while i read it aloud. 

noah was so cute today, he was turned sideways again in his crib, silly old bear...i love long days at home with him when there's nothing to do and i can just sit and stare at him. he's so darn cute, and i swear he changes so much from day to day it baffles me and kinda makes me sad. he's growing so fast - i find myself wanting to slow it down and speed it up all at the same time. for instance i can't wait to see him walk or hear him say mama, but i still want him to be small enough to curl up on my tummy the way he did when he was firstborn. he fit perfectly there, so tiny and soft, he just loved to sleep on my tummy. i miss those days. 

i finished reading the Pioneer Woman's love story...i'm seriously obsessed! i think i spent at least 2 hours reading it today! new post up tomorrow when the big game bad we'll be at a party and i won't get to read it until we get home! :( 

jamie is still playing this horrid game, the one with the old man whose voice mine closely resembled this week. on that note, i am feeling quite a bit better...still sick but my voice is coming back! sang a little in the car tonight, but can't hit those high notes -  SingStar wait for me, i will return to you!

my posts are always so rambley...sorry it's just the way my mind thinks
sweet dreams!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

just call me rudolph

well it's not strep throat...that's as much as i know. possibly a virus... dr. said "come back next week if you're still feeling bad and we'll start antibiotics" i don't want antibiotics, i want Mary Poppins to come to my house and pull something out of her carpet bag that will instantly turn my bright red nose back to a normal shade of pale only i could live in a disney movie.
i went in to work this morning but ended up turning right around and coming back home...i must have looked really really bad! 
the day wasn't all bad mom came over early to take care of noah today and ended up taking care of me! sometimes a girl just needs her mom when she's sick.
**thank you Jesus for a sweet mommy who drove me to the doctor and cooked me lunch and looked after baby noah and let me sleep all day :) i love her**
then my wondermous in-laws came and snatched that baby up! they are so great, always looking out for me. jamie's parents always seem to know just what to do to make things easier/better. they brought me orange juice and meds and took noah home for the night, so i could get lots of rest! of course they only had me in mind...not that they weren't dying to spend some extra nana & papa time with noah ;) 

my goal for tomorrow: GO TO WORK! i've been in bed/on the couch since monday! ugh!

jamie is playing a new game (thank you michael) called voice sounds like the main character...his name is OldSnake. 

i should mention that this week hasn't been a total blow...while i've been resting on the couch jamie has been working so hard on our bathroom! we have a pretty, new faucet and a drain that drains! do you know how big of a deal that is?! you will if your drain ever stops's a biggie! i know jamie was proud of himself because he stood in the bathroom and just kept staring at his work after he was finished...he must have asked me at least 20 times if i thought it looked good! he's so cute! and yes, it looks GREAT! you did a great job honey and i love you!!

things jamie accomplished this week: 
new kitchen faucet (this actually led to another problem though), new bathroom faucet and plumbing, new shower head, new tub faucet and knobs, painted vanity and replaced knobs and handles

the house is really starting to come along now, the honey do list is slowly getting shorter, and hopefully it will only be another few weeks or a month before we can put it on the market!! we soooo want to move to Greenwood, but we know that if it isn't the right timing God will let us know!

nothing else to write about so i guess i'm stuck watching jamie snipe the enemy...borrrriiinnnnggggg...

sweet dreams

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

toss and turn

this morning i woke up to more ice and SNOW!! if only i felt better i might go play in it...probably not though cause it just makes a  mess.. i went to check on noah who was still asleep in his crib...

let me just say that i love this kid...he sleeps sooo well!! which is such a blessing, because if you know me you know i cherish sleep!! noah usually goes to sleep around 9:00, give or take 30 min-1 hour just depending on how our evening has gone, and he sleeps till at least 7 am!!! did i say i love him?? :)

...ok, so i peek in his room and the crazy boy has wiggled his way out of all of the's freezing here! and is now stretched horizontally at the top of his crib! somehow he had managed to rotate himself and pulled his little body up next to his night night ducky :) he's so cute i just had to show jamie..we even videotaped a little..then i was greeted by the most precious smile! i love his smiles in the morning, it's like he's saying, "Good morning mommy!! i love you!!" 

that boy melts my heart!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

blogspot - where have you been all my life?

ok so everyone i know has a blog...i'm not the most technically advanced person, so the xanga page i had back in my early college years was a big step for me, i tried myspace for a while, and then landed on facebook which i currently keep up with...however, i feel i've been left out of this special little community of now it's my turn!

i've been inspired this week by the pioneer woman...she's simply amazing!! she cooks, homeschools, takes amazing pictures, writes her own harlequin romance novel, oh and yeah she documents it all in a FANTASTIC blog! my friend shanna introduced me to her page and now i'm addicted! so much that i learned how to add a bookmark just so i could get to her page faster!! you can laugh out loud at me, i do all the time!

so here's a little bit about me...
my baby boy, noah, is 14 weeks old today, and this blog will probably be mostly about him
i am a dental hygienist..and i work for a pediatric, kids, and more kids...all the time!
my hubby and i have been married for 3 1/2 years...4 years in july
i love taking pictures of my boys together
my computer is about to die so i guess this post is over!