Tuesday, March 30, 2010

haircuts and school

sunday night we decided that we just had to get noah's haircut...yes he is 17 months old and i really wasn't ready to cut his hair yet, but it was just getting out of hand! he woke up from his nap sunday with crazy fly aways in the back...people at church were starting to talk! :) lol! so we went to sports clips...jamie has gone here for a few years, and they always do a great job. we had to wait quite a while, so noah was a little cranky when he finally got in the chair, but his stylist was really great! he sat in the booster chair just like a big boy!

he did so well!! in the last picture he was calling jamie's mom, nana...but she was at home sleeping, so she didn't get to answer! he LOVES to have a phone! we were so proud of him and his stylist even gave him a sucker...he got to try a couple of licks and then it went in the trashcan! too dangerous for my little wild man!! when we were done it was time for church, so he got to go show off his new do!

monday morning we had a test run for school...i had to do a school visit (13 second grade classes!!! wow! 280 students!)...so noah went to Grace Place for a few hours. he wasn't too sure about it at first, but his teacher said he did great! she even texted me later that i have a sweet boy :) i picked him up around 11:30 and he fell straight asleep in the car! he hadn't had lunch yet, so i woke him up to see if he would eat, but while i was fixing his lunch i heard him snoring!!! poor baby! he was worn out! :)
today was his first full day...7:55-5:30! long day for a big boy! he had a great time, lots of playing outside with all his new friends!! his daily report said his behavior was excellent!!! :) that makes mommy very very happy!! he didn't want to go at first this morning, but he threw a fit when i made him leave tonight! he wanted to stay and play in the wagon! he really can get an attitude quick these days!
after we got home, we drove over to the new house...brick is still going up, slowly but surely...the color is beautiful!! i love it!! tile is finished!! wow! :) it looks awesome!! we should see trim and doors this week and then paint! that will really make a difference!! only another month and we should be closing! i cannot wait! we are so ready to get back into our own routine at our house! and of course i can't wait to get the nursery set up for Jonah!! :) posts on that to come later!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

25 weeks!

not much new this week. we've settled on Jonah for the baby's first name, but we still don't have a middle name yet...why is that so hard for us?

i'm feeling this little guy moving A LOT!! he is such a little wiggle worm!

only 14 more weeks til we get to meet Jonah :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

spring break is almost over

just a quick post to let you know....

#1. i can see Jonah kicking my belly as i lay here in bed typing..fiesty little boy!! i'm 24 weeks and 5 days! crazy how quickly this pregnancy has flown by! (update: now he is doing flips! my entire tummy is bouncing! so fun!!)

#2. i got up at 5:30 AM to make my hubby coffee and pancakes this morning...long story, but in short...i will not be outdone by the wives of the men he works with!! so this is our new morning routine :) LOL! i swear i'm gonna try and make this a daily thing...like at least half the week....or definitely two days...maybe..

#3. my little man Noah starts "school" on Tuesday at Grace Place :) just 3 days a week while i'm at work...we're hoping that being around some other kids will be helpful since the poor thing thinks the world revolves around him...and it kinda does, especially at Nana and Papa's house :)
and on this same note...

#4. i have to go back to work on Tuesday :( spring break has come to an end...

#5. there is brick on our house! wooo hoo! i'll get some pictures tonight for you. just so you know it's real :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

23 weeks!!

23 weeks this week and i feel great!! getting large, but the weather is warming up, our house is coming together quickly, and i just feel wonderful! if only my boys felt good then all would be perfect!! i go for my next appointment next week and it's Spring Break!! so i'm off all week!! hooorayy!! home with noah all week!! we're gonna have fun playing at the park, taking walks, and sleeping in! :)

ps. my birthday is in 1 month!! 24 here i come!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i love this face

'what mom? i didn't eat the WHOLE ice cream cone...'

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

my friend linda, over at My Trendy Tykes is having an awesome giveaway! i soo need to win this! check it out! :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

how in the world is it march already?

lots going on in our ark...

baby #2 is a BOY! woah! that was sure a shocker!! but we are very excited...and i'm sure if noah understood he would be excited to have a bubba! we're not sure about names yet..we're trying out Jonah Norman...kinda like it, but not committing to it just yet.

20 weeks! we found out it's a boy!

our builders have made A LOT of progress on the house! we are about 6 weeks from move in!!! wow! did that go fast or what?!? so right now our house has doors, windows, a fireplace, and plumbing! tomorrow they start running the electricity and heating..then monday they should be able to start putting up the sheetrock!! hooray!!
jamie and noah in front of our HUGE 8 foot front door!!

we had an awesome weekend..jamie was being spontaneous and took noah and i on a little getaway to Sky Vue Lodge..one of our favorite places! noah picked two movies to watch...Riki Tiki Tavi and Robin Hood (the old, cartoon one with Roger Miller as the minstrel)...we were the only guests at the B&B, so we got to pick our breakfast options!! we had sausage gravy and biscuits, grapefruit halves, scrambled eggs and homemade bread with apple butter!! YUMMMO!!

after we drove home, we had to go to best buy to make a return...and we were there for nearly 3 years! noah threw a huge fit in the front of the store! he was just done with being in the cart! poor baby!

i also had wanted to look for a new camera..just another point and shoot to replace my nearly 3 year old point and shoot that was dying on me. jamie laughingly said, "ok. find a camera for $100 or less and we'll get it." thinking i could find a good deal, i went on the hunt...much to my dismay, i found that the CHEAPEST camera was $103!!! LOL! and it was barely a step up from my poor old camera...jamie came over to the photo department to see what i had found and we both started looking at some nicer cameras....this is what we came home with!!! happy early birthday kacee!!
this is the Canon EOS 50 D - digital slr camera! my hubby spoils me so much!! he was feeling very spontaneous this weekend!! LOL! i love it, love it, love it!!! i'm still learning all the ins and outs of it..which may take me years! hahahaha!!! jamie made me promise to really learn it, oh and not let noah touch it! HAHA!

watching the bachelor season finale right now...pleading to Jake through the tv, "DONT CHOOSE VIENNA!!!" i think Tenley is so much better!! we'll see soon!!