Thursday, May 27, 2010

"uh oh"

this morning noah and i went to the donut shop...

me: noah, try a donut hole

noah: {pulls the biggest donut hole out of the bag and drops it on the floor} uh oh, uh oh, uh oh!

he just learned how to say that last night at dinner..compliments of aunt cc and uncle craig! :) it doesn't come out quite right yet, but you get the idea...especially when he continues saying it like someone pushed the repeat button..what a cutie pie!

Monday, May 24, 2010

32 and 33 weeks

jonah - 33 weeks/ noah - 19 months

noah loves least i think he does...

when we ask him where his bubba is, sometimes he points to his belly, sometimes he points to his arm, and occasionally he gets it right and goes straight for my belly! he loves to give jonah sugars and it's just too sweet!!

33 weeks - the lighting wasn't great, but i kinda like the way this picture turned out!

33 weeks - noah was ready to leave for church!

i'm just in love with this picture of noah - it really captures his attitude at the moment...jamie and i have been really frustrated with him lately, because it seems like he is doing everything he can to get in trouble, but at the same moment, he is just so cute we let him get away with way too much! that sweet little smirk just melts your heart and even though he shouldn't be touching the blinds (they are off limits!) i can't help but smile and run to grab my camera...i have been praying for patience a LOT lately. i get so overwhelmed when he is acting up, especially when we are out in public (such as at Target this past weekend...oh my...glad that day is over!) i know most of it is my hormones right now and just the fact that i pregnant and uncomfortable, but i also know that God is good and He is helping me to be the best mom i can be by working on not getting angry at Noah for being a little boy!

Monday, May 17, 2010

why did i leave my camera at home???

we had a great time last night at our church fellowship...every now and then, our church hosts a whole church fellowship - just a casual night with music, videos, yummy food and deserts, and games for the kiddos.

we ate some yummy hamburgers and hotdogs...noah mostly ate the cheetos!
we listened to both the youth praise team and the main worship team.
we watched hilarious old commercials...have you ever heard of the "frito bandito"?? soo funny!!

but the best part of the night was when we went outside...

jamie just had to put noah in the bounce-around...and of course he wanted to get in as well...there were two little girls in there also, and they couldn't resist climbing all over jamie! i think both the boys had a blast!!! noah got in and played at least 5 different times!!

my silly boy!

after the bounce-around, the just had to try the slip - n - slide! jamie literally ran through it with noah in his arms! noah LOVED it! they must have gone at least 3 or 4 times!! they were soaking wet and we hadn't even thought to bring towels or changes of clothes! and i forgot my camera! so these pictures are just from my phone!! (which i just learned how to email to myself today! why didn't i learn this sooner??!!) i think if you click on the picture it will make it bigger...not positive on that...

overall it was a great night! i'm officially 32 weeks now - i have pictures on my good camera that i will load later... my tummy and back are really starting to hurt. lots and lots of braxton hicks lately. much more than with noah..and jonah is definitely moving more than noah did at this point. i have been really productive today though, and got the rest of the bedding material ordered for jonah's bedding, and even picked out and ordered his diaper bag from Keep it Gypsy! i'm so excited about this! it's gonna be very different from noah's diaper bag, but i think i will love it!!! it's a mix of blue and brown, with some great textured material..even a little giraffe print thrown in!
7 weeks left! it seems like just yesterday we were coming home with noah! haha!! time really does fly by!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

i heart mother's day

hubby woke me up for pancakes! he even set the table!

took some 31 week prego pics!

hubby surprised me with a hydrangea plant AND a japanese maple!

the first bloom! so pretty!!!

noah 18 months and jonah 31 weeks!!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


we are finally moved in and feeling like a normal family again! our home is even better than i ever imagined! i love how roomy it is, and all the little touches we added (ie the cubby wall) are really paying off! no pictures of the house today because i am writing this at work (on my lunch break!)...i'll *try* to post some later tonight.

i cannot wait to get started on jonah's nursery! we have been procrastinating this so much, but now it just has to get done! i am 31 weeks and 3 days prego, so we only have less than 8 full weeks before he arrives!

jonah is a fiesty little fella! he moves ALL THE TIME! i've been having a little back pain lately from the way he is positioned but my "human pillow" makes everything better when i go to sleep at night! his heartbeat is strong and fast and i'm measuring right on track at every appointment. we go back on may 21st for the 32 week apt!! i'm getting so anxious to meet him!! i'm hoping that he has green eyes and curly hair! :)

noah is feeling much better...he's had a rough month with sinus problems and is currently on his 3rd antibiotic :( this does not make mommy happy at all! but we are praying for healing and expecting him to be completely healed of this sinus infection!! {jamie has also been battling sinus problems this month - his dr. thinks he developed allergies!}

noah is doing great at school - he had school pictures made last week and we get to see them on thursday! :) how cute is that! he brought home his first "artwork" yesterday! 2 coloring pages and a coloring book all about "community helpers" - 1 was a picture of a trashman and the other a postman :) so cute!! he has definitely entered the terrible twos! he has started screaming when he doesn't get his way..this high pitched, short shriek! makes me want to pull my hair out!! he has to have his "momo" - his blankie - with him at all times...this includes bathtime! we literally have to bring it into the bathroom where he can see it or he cries all through the bath! ahhh! this kid is strange, but then again, so is his daddy ;)

oooohh i almost forgot mother's day!! the weekend was great! friday night i went to an auction with teresa! so much fun!! we found some really cool "junk"! LOL!! noah made me a plaster handprint (with aunt ninny's help) adorable!! on saturday, jamie surprised me with a hydrangea plant and a japanese maple for the yard! {they are both still sitting on the patio because we don't know where to plant them yet!} and we spent saturday night with teresa for mother's day. then on sunday, jamie got up early, made pancakes and cut up fresh fruit and had the table all set! he even cleaned up his mess!! :) you know that made my day! i LOVE pancakes!!! we had a great day at church and then spent the evening with my family {we celebrated my sister's graduation, mother's day, and my cousin's 13th birthday all in one!}

i'm sure i could think of more to update ya'll on but i've gotta head back to work! happy wednesday!