Monday, May 24, 2010

32 and 33 weeks

jonah - 33 weeks/ noah - 19 months

noah loves least i think he does...

when we ask him where his bubba is, sometimes he points to his belly, sometimes he points to his arm, and occasionally he gets it right and goes straight for my belly! he loves to give jonah sugars and it's just too sweet!!

33 weeks - the lighting wasn't great, but i kinda like the way this picture turned out!

33 weeks - noah was ready to leave for church!

i'm just in love with this picture of noah - it really captures his attitude at the moment...jamie and i have been really frustrated with him lately, because it seems like he is doing everything he can to get in trouble, but at the same moment, he is just so cute we let him get away with way too much! that sweet little smirk just melts your heart and even though he shouldn't be touching the blinds (they are off limits!) i can't help but smile and run to grab my camera...i have been praying for patience a LOT lately. i get so overwhelmed when he is acting up, especially when we are out in public (such as at Target this past weekend...oh my...glad that day is over!) i know most of it is my hormones right now and just the fact that i pregnant and uncomfortable, but i also know that God is good and He is helping me to be the best mom i can be by working on not getting angry at Noah for being a little boy!

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