Friday, December 11, 2009

what a month!

we have been so blessed this month! Thanksgiving weekend our house sold! it only took about 6 weeks, which is a huge blessing, and it was our first offer! so now we are busy looking at plans and discussing layouts to BUILD A HOME! :)
we have decided that we love the new Ridgewood at Rye Hill subdivision and we can't wait to close on our house so we can start the building should only take around 4 months, which will give us plenty of time to move and settle in before the new baby comes in July! :)
speaking of the baby, i go for my first prenatal visit and ultrasound on the 18th! we are really excited to see this little one! i haven't been sick at all yet, except for a horrible sinus infection that i've had since black friday...being pregnant, i can't take an antibiotic to kick this thing, and poor little noah has gotten a touch of it too :( it's not been a lot of fun for us the last couple of weeks.
during all this excitement and sickness, i was given an awesome christmas present from my boss, dr. willis. he took our entire office to New York City for 4 days (December 3-6th) for our christmas party!! we stayed at the Sheraton Towers, got to be on the Early Show, went shopping on 5th Avenue and Canal Street (Chinatown)...and ate, and ate, and ate!!! we even got to watch Wicked and the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular!!! i loved every minute of it (except for blowing my nose every 5 minutes!) on our 3rd night there, New York City got their first snow of the season! and it was AMAZING!!! we went to Rockefeller Center and saw the ginormous christmas tree...there is nothing to compare!
the entire trip was so much fun, but completely wore me out! lots of walking and cold weather made my cold a lot worse, so i'm home today with noah just resting and trying to feel better...say a little prayer for me if you think of it for this bug to go far far away!!
hopefully soon i will be able to post pictures of my trip and maybe next week i can even scan in a "rough draft" of our house plans!! :)