Thursday, May 28, 2009

time to play catch up!

just wanted to recap a few things that happened in may! we've had a busy and fun month! Noah turned 7 months on May 21st. It's hard to believe that seven months have already gone by! It went too fast! He is such a joy to everyone around him... especially me and his daddy! :)

for mother's day a few of us gals went out to eat and got pedicures! we had such a good time together! 
me, louise, and patti after our pedicures! we were so relaxed!

just us gals! we really had a night out on the 6 pm! 

earlier that same day, Jamie and i went out to eat at Joe's Mexican Restaurant and the waiter brought noah a coloring sheet and crayons...i was a little confused since noah is a BABY! noah sure seemed to enjoy the crayons though and loved to try and eat them (he only got one all the way to his mouth!).

noah coloring for the first time!

me and my cutie pie after church on my 1st mother's day!

Noah is trying so hard to crawl! he can get up on his knees and he rocks back and forth, back and forth...then he lunges and falls! he has learned how to get around pretty well and can sure go backwards. The other day i was blowdrying my hair and i started to hear noah cry. i ran to the living room to see what he was doing and sure enough he had scooted backwards and got stuck under the couch! He was pushing against the couch trying to get it off of him! So of course i ran and got my camera!! LOL. he was soo mad!

the backwards crawler got stuck under the couch!

We got a new car a couple of weeks ago! we had been looking for a tahoe for a while now, and jamie happened upon this 2008 suburban..i fell in love of course and we got it the next day! we love it! there is so much room and it has a lot more power than my other car! 

my new car! 
(not the best picture b/c i took it the night we got it)

We went to a Natural's baseball game...they are a semi-pro baseball team in northwest arkansas. it was so much fun!! my entire office was invited by one of our dental suppliers to go for free! the ledfords rode with us and we had such a great time together!!! we found noah the cutest little baseball cap! 

my family at the game
my precious baby boy!