Thursday, July 30, 2009

let me hear a "whoop whooop"!!

i fell off the wagon for a couple of weeks

but now i'm back!
i weighed in today...and i finally reached my 20 pound goal!!!

woo hoo!! 

gotta give a shout out to Let's Lose for helping me get this far!! i couldn't have done it alone!!

i still need to lose about 45 pounds to be where i want to be. my goal is to get there by christmas!

lots to look forward to in the coming months:

august 21st-29th family vacation to the outerbanks, nc and washington dc!!
october 21st noah's 1st birthday!!!!! tear baby's growin up!
december 3rd-6th new york with my dental office!!!!
december 31st weight loss goal of 65 pounds lost! :)

in other news, i'm taking noah for his 9 month shots and check up tomorrow! can't wait to see what he weighs and how long he is! he's so big!! crawling all over the place and into EVERYTHING!! he is also using anything he can get his hands on to walk around the living room/kitchen (ie chairs, his tonka truck, the stepstool, the cat)...this kid loves to be moving!!

we had a rough week about 2 weeks ago where he was having trouble sleeping, i blame it all on jamie of course, because he let noah sleep in our bed!! big no no! but after a couple of nights of getting  back into the routine of bedtime in his crib he did fine and now goes down around 8:30 in his crib every night! 

he is cutting another tooth also! this one makes 7 now! it's the lower left lateral incisor for those of you who care! haha!! just a few more months and he will get to go to dr. willis' office for his first check up!!! "first dental exam by the first year"

in other, other news...jamie and i celebrated our 4  year wedding anniversary on july 23rd!! can't believe it was 4 years ago that i married that crazy man! hahaha! we went to Hot Springs for the was uneventful...we watched at least 4 movies..2 at the theatre...we are so boring!

oh and in other, other, other news...i started reading Twilight!!! sooooo good!!!!!

well alas i must retire...have to go talk to some children tomorrow morning about brushing their teethies!! :) 

Friday, July 10, 2009

gotta get back on track!

all right, let's face it...dieting is HARD work! 
the first few weeks i was so motivated, so determined, so STRICT! 
then last week i dove off the deep end and got myself in some trouble...wah wah wah!! 

for the record, i'm blaming it all on PMS!

now it's week 9 and i'm still having a little trouble getting back on track...but yesterday i got a comment from a sweet little lady, Heather. her encouragement led me to take a look at her site and i noticed she was joining this thing called "body after baby"...of course that spoke to me!! so today i've been looking into can find out all about it over at Samantha's site.  

now for the hard part! for the first leg of this challenge i have to send of myself for her to post on her site! yikes!! i admit i'm having a hard time finding a picture of myself where i haven't strategically cropped out my lower half or turned in such a way as to hide my mommy tummy...hahaha! 

i had no problem taking full length pictures of my ever expanding tummy while i was prego with noah, but now it's all i can do to hide it from the camera! 
so the challenge starts monday, you can look for all of the participants pictures to be posted then, along with our weight loss goals, starting weight, etc. 

i will not tell you my's never gonna happen...forget about it!

in cuter news, noah learned how to drink out of a straw on 4th of july! it's adorable! here's one of my favorite pictures from the 4th and a couple of family pics we managed to get!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


oreos... ice cream...
oh this is bad...
really, really, really bad

i woke up on thursday HUNGRY!
hungry for junkfood!!

i've been doing so good with my diet, but i just couldn't stop myself!
so this weekend has been an all out binge! 
(just don't tell Alicia at Let's Lose!)

i promise i'm stopping
i'm throwing the oreos away. in the trash...
well, maybe i'll save a few... i'm sure noah would like them.