Saturday, July 4, 2009


oreos... ice cream...
oh this is bad...
really, really, really bad

i woke up on thursday HUNGRY!
hungry for junkfood!!

i've been doing so good with my diet, but i just couldn't stop myself!
so this weekend has been an all out binge! 
(just don't tell Alicia at Let's Lose!)

i promise i'm stopping
i'm throwing the oreos away. in the trash...
well, maybe i'll save a few... i'm sure noah would like them.


  1. Losing weight is so tough, I'm struggling with it too!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my site. Please feel free to come back anytime! I'll leave the light on for you!

  3. feel free to send all junk food my way!

  4. I think I could have written this exact same post!! Except that I don't like quacamole and I could never throw cookies away.... I'd just eat them all very quickly!! LOL!! I've been having a hard time trying to stay focused enough to stick with any type of diet!! :)

  5. Can[t wait to hear the"story" from the Browns. Had to think a minute which "Browns" you meant. haha.

  6. Hi! I heard you might want to join the BOdy After Baby challenge??!! I would love to have you! :) THe 8 week "Fit by Labor Day" starts Monday!! Send me your before pics by Sunday if you want it!