Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the weight loss saga continues!!

I lost 15.6 pounds!!!!!! WAHHOOOO!!!! :)


i'm going to weigh in today!!! last week i was up to 13.4 pounds lost...so i'm hoping to be over the 14 mark...15 would just totally make my day.

i think i'll work out again this morning...
and maybe right before i weigh in.

transitions are not my best subject.

i think i pulled a muscle. has anyone heard of pulling your diaphragm? jamie thinks thats what i did because it hurts A LOT when i breathe in. i don't think i've taken a full breath in like 3 days. 
any suggestions to help this??

and yet another bad transition...

noah is into EVERYTHING!! my sister in law said it best on sunday night, "you couldn't wait for him to crawl could you!" i didn't know what i was in for!

i think he just crawled into our cats "room".... eeewww! gotta go rescue the baby!!!


  1. You are rockin' and rollin' with the weight loss! Oh gosh, I remember the crawling stage. As much as I cleaned my floor, the kids still managed to find something to stick in their mouth. They also loved to get into the cords!

  2. Stopping by on the blog hop! i'm there with ya, trying to lose weight. i finally got so fed up with myself, that my husband and i are doing a fast. So excited, because i have come to realize that i can lose weight. it has been great. Today is day 17. 3 more days to go! Good luck!