Saturday, June 6, 2009

the snozberries taste like snozberries!

i love this...noah couldn't get comfortable to take his morning nap until he fell over like this! it was so cute! i love it when he's snuggly!
Today we decided to take noah to the park for a picnic. we invited my sisters, carah and brooke, and my brother in law, craig, to come with us. we picked up lunch on the way and found the perfect table with a shade tree next to it for noah to sit under. noah was fascinated with all of the ducks and geese...too bad i didn't get any pictures of them! one kept coming back to our table, trying to get food i'm sure, but the boys fought him off! we had a wonderful time, swinging with noah for the first time and even letting him slide down the slide like a big boy! jamie and i even managed to take a couple of good pictures together! we had to call it a day though at about 2 because it started to get really hot! we were all sweaty and we didn't want to let noah get a sunburn. he had a great time and promptly fell asleep when we got home! :)


noah's first time on the slide!

our family!

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