Sunday, June 28, 2009

sunday, sunday...

**anyone know what song i'm mimicking for my title??**

so this morning started off bad. well last night started off bad. i guess i should back up.
noah couldn't sleep. he is a great sleeper! he usually goes to bed around 8 or 8:30..but last night at 9 he was still bouncing on the bed...literally! we couldn't figure out why he had so much energy...until i remembered doing this...

oh yeah! now i know why the kid is bouncing off the walls...he ate a ton of my snow cone! 
ok so in my defense it was sugar free (sugar free ice cream! yum yum!!) must have been the sweetner that hyped him up?! 
all i know is that he was wired! so much so that after 3 attempts at just letting him cry himself to sleep i finally put him in my bed, told jamie that his baby needed his "did-da" (noah's way of saying dada), and we all fell asleep around 10. 

now back to my other story...

this morning i woke up around 1 am with a terrible pain on my left side at the base of my ribcage...every time i would take a deep breath it would hurt. actually, it still hurts! but not quite so much. jamie thinks that i pulled a muscle with all of my Wii Active workouts. ugghhh!! 
then at 3 am noah woke up crying, he couldn't get comfy in our bed so jamie took him back to his crib...where he slept until 9:30!! hallelujah!!! 
church starts at 10. it was 9:40 and i was just waking up, sitting on the couch feeding noah his morning bottle. needless to say, we were late for church...about 20 minutes late. no problem though, we were just in time for the last worship song and a great message from jamie's dad (he's our pastor) about using the Word as a mirror for our lives. 

everything was great. lunch was yummy, uncle josh came to church, we got invited to go swimming later, and noah's nana and papa are back from church camp! hooray!! 

all happiness ended when we got home though. 

for some reason i had an urge to go look for my paycheck from work (we are off this entire week, so we got our checks early, but we were told not to deposit them until tuesday). i had placed it in my wallet and hadn't thought of it since...that is until i couldn't find it!! we tore the house up looking...not in the purse, not in the car, not in the kitchen....AHHHHH!!!!  i am a very responsible person and i just don't lose things! i have no idea where i lost it!!! to make matters worse, my boss is on vacation until after the 4th, so i can't even get him to write me another check! 

oh well, i guess you just live and learn!

on a positive note, this is the reward i received from Let's Lose for my 10 lb goal!! :) i go in for my next weigh in on tuesday and i'm hoping that i've reached 14.5 or 15 lbs!!! keep your fingers crossed!!! 


  1. You are hilarious! Love the snow cone story!!!
    I really hope you find your check!!!
    & Way to go on the weight loss!!!

  2. That stinks about the paycheck. WOO HOO on your weight loss!

  3. hey, is the pain in your ribcage like a sharp "pinching" feeling? I get that all the time. If you take a deep breath in, it hurts like the DICKENS, but then you almost feel it "pop" and it's all better. Sometimes if I roll from side to side, it goes almost seriously feels like my lung is pinched in my ribcage and it happens to me several times a year...sound similar???