Friday, June 26, 2009

were you on the radio?

**for those of you who know pioneer woman, look out! she's got a surprise coming soon!! make sure you are checking her site daily for news of the big secret!! :) i swear upon all things blog worthy that i will not utter another word about don't ask!!! :)  (that sounded mean, sorry!)**

tonight i have been exploring the blogging world a little more deeply! i found a blog, through another blog, that took me to another blog...hahaha!! long story short, i ended up here and was immediately sucked in! 

so i've been having fun for the last hour, just looking at other gal's blogs and dreaming of how mine could be better...but here's the deal...i don't know what to do! i'm not crafty, so out goes the Etsy world...i don't have super cool connections for giveaways, and my stories are almost always about my little boy...all in all, i'm kinda boring! sorry to disappoint you! 

i do have a funny story to share with ya'll though...

do you know about Air 1?? it's the positive alternative! christian alternative music that is...and they ROCK! i've been a listener since my highschool and have always been a fan of the morning show. 

little known fact about me: i love to be on the radio. i love to talk to the dj's (my parent's were dj's for their own business The Great American Road Show). i love to call in and request a song or put in my two cents on their discussion. this brings great joy to my life and has ever since i got a cell phone :) 

today was no exception. i was listening early this morning, while i drove to my dr's appointment, and the dj was talking about his recent trip to the of course i had to chime in on this!!  so i called and we chatted for a while.

about 20 minutes after my little snipet aired, "yes, that little scrapy thing they use on your teeth is a scaler! and the yucky stuff that it removes is calculus!" my hubby called...
*jamie: "were you on the radio just a few minutes ago"
*kacee: "oh yeah, i called in to air 1 to talk about the dental office...scott didn't know what a scaler was, so i had to explain some stuff to him"
*jamie: "scott (jamie's coworker) just called me and said, 'dude, this girl just called into air 1 and was talking about all this dental hygiene stuff, and she sounded just like your had to be your wife!!!' so that was you?
*kacee: "yup!! you know me! i love to be on the radio"
*jamie: "you're a nerd."

go check out my facebook when you get a chance. i'm loading a super cute new video of noah. he learned how to "high 5" :) it's adorable!!! 
and in other news, he is teething something awful! both maxillary lateral incisors (top 2 on each side of the front teeth) have broken through the gums, but he is still in a lot of pain. he is chewing on his poor little fingers constantly! :(


  1. I love it you are so much fun to read !!! My mom use to be a dj and I have a niece in OK who is going to radio broadcasting school !! of course i have got to get her up to date on all the in stuff like twitter and blogging and crackbook good luck with the punkin teething a lil tip if ya never heard of it is put a couple a baby toothbrushes in the freezer and then give him one when he seems to really be having issues.. my daughter and graddaughter loved them . and sometime i would use teethina(sp) powders on their gums then the toothbrush ..

    anywho have a Blessed weekend and thanks for the heads up on the pioneer woman . I have been so busy with water damage and my friends baby having a liver transplant i have been neglecting my reading .

    God Bless !!

  2. Thanks for the super sweet comment you left on my blog! I just had to hop over and check out yours. Very interesting, I only got to read the first page but I'm gonna dig deeper! That spider bite-eew. We don't have those scary things here in MN, but we did find a brown reclus in our hotel room in Corpus Christi on the ocean front this past April. FREAKED me out and I had to wait about 10 mn. and keep my eyeballs on it until hubby got out of the shower to deal with it. He took it down to the front desk and they indicated that yes it was a reclus. I couldn't sleep all night wondering if there was maybe another one in the room! I'm gonna try find you on facebook, I'd like to see see those videos you mentioned in your posts. Hope thats okay with you! And Best Wishes on your weight loss goal, I also need to drop a good 50!

  3. No luck finding on you facebook. If you want look me up: Deanna Flicek Picka!
    Thanks ;)

  4. Hi! you need to add your email to your profile... pretty please :)
    I used to work at a neurologist and remember lovely scrubs. Easy, practical, comfy, not cute. I just listed two flowers that would match your work uniform. come and see.