Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a little purple ribbon

mommy's little boy

today i got a cool gift. 

a short, no frills, purple piece of ribbon.

it may not seem like much now, but when you realize it's exactly the length of the number of inches i have lost in just 4 weeks you will be smiling as big as i am right now!! :) 

my ribbon is 12.75 inches long!

i got my picture made with my ribbon...and my certificate that shows i hit my 10 pound goal! i would show you my picture but my good friend alisha down at Let's Lose took it with her camera...i didn't have my camera handy darn it!

long term goal: 65 pounds 
weight lost: -10 pounds
left to lose: 55 pounds!!!! 

in other news, noah is crawling up a storm!! he can really get around! he is also pulling up on everything and being really brave and letting go to move to something else... he stood alone for like 2 tenths of a second! hahaha!! i was probably the only one who saw it, but it still counts! he got to go swimming today with his gama! i bought him some new swim trunks last night with Lightning McQueen on them! haha! he loves that movie!! :) he totally zones out while they are racing! it's so funny!

jamie's spiderbite is doing a little better. we thought he was going to have surgery today to have the dead part removed, but once he saw the dr. he decided to wait and see if some different meds. would help to shrink the wound...if he operated today he would have needed to remove a golf ball size piece of flesh from jamie's thigh! not fun!! 
he wants to see him again on the 23rd to see if it has shrunk any, if so, then he probably won't need surgery...so please be praying that it shrinks, or goes away completely with the new meds, and with God's healing powers! 

jamie's brown recluse spider bite (this was friday night i believe...it's much worse now)

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  1. that is an aweful bite!!
    Yay for Noah!!
    Piper loves that movie too! :)