Tuesday, June 23, 2009

lots of new stuff!

we had a great weekend!

Friday i went to a truely highschool-esque slumber party, complete with games, facials, midnight walmart runs, and singing Hanson in the car! mmmmBop! does anyone actually know what they say after that?? we just make it up as we go until you get to the part where it says, "can you tell me is it gonna be a daisy orrrrrrrrrr a roooooosssseee???" hahaha! good times!!!  my friend patti invited me!!  i met her, along with some of her friends from church, emily, alisha, and rachel at the park near their church to play volleyball! it was my first time to play! seriously! i hate sports and pretty much any sport that includes a ball which could hit my face (remember marsha brady?? it could so happen to me!) i was terrible, that was to be expected! we were all so ready to get in the air conditioning because it was soo hot, but we all had a great time playing together!
afterwards we all went back to emily's house! we got cozy in our jammies, ate some yummy fruit and dip, and just chatted for a long time! these girls are so sweet and they all are just precious! they all basically grew up together in their church, so of course i was a little out of the loop on some of the stories, but they quickly caught me up!
we played a round of pictionary, which was hard, but fun!! i learned that i am really bad at guessing! hahaha! we lost but had fun anyways! later on we ran to walmart to get facial stuff and had a funny run in at wendys! (you had to be there for that one!) then it was back home for facials and pedicures. my new friend rachel painted everyone's toenails! so pretty!! we all enjoyed getting pampered!! 
we talked and talked and talked! and we finally fell asleep at 4 am! oh man was i ever tired! i never stay up that late!! luckily my great in laws had noah so i was able to sleep in!  what a fun night! i was so glad to get to hang out with those girls! such a sweet group of Godly women!! :)
oh, and emily makes amazing bread, which i cheated on my diet for!! it was yummmmmyyyy!!!

saturday was kinda boring, just chilled at the house and then we had Gary's birthday party down in greenwood! fun fun! teresa made beef stroganoff, the boy's favorite, so of course i had to eat a little (def. not part of my diet!!)... i promise i only cheated a little this weekend, but it seems like more when i write it all down! hahaha! 

sunday was father's day! we had a great service at church. noah's best friend, jeremiah, was dedicated!! he just turned one year on the 22nd! he's older than noah, but they are still best friends! in fact, i think that he encouraged and helped teach noah how to crawl!! and boy can he crawl now!! he follows me all over the kitchen and living room! and he is into everything now! 

after church we went to my parent's house for father's day lunch and swimming! we ended up staying there all day and we got so sunburned (except noah!) :) we had a great time! it was noah's first time in the "big pool" and he loved it!! mom got noah the cutest little "shaded" raft with little rubber ducks all over it! of course he was most interested in the big, floating ducky (but it holds bleach so he couldn't play with it!). 

it was a great weekend!!!

in other news, noah is getting two more teeth!! he is definitely cutting his upper right and left lateral incisors :) we can't see them yet, but we can see the little white bump that always comes first! my little boy is getting so big!!

these aren't from this weekend, but they are just so cute!! just noah, being noah!! first with aunt cc making funny faces, then eating a cookie! he loves em, but you have to watch him so closely because he choked recently on one! boy were we scared!!! 
he's such a sweet boy!!

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