Monday, October 4, 2010

family of four!

we had family pictures taken this summer...these are just a few of the best ones! :) thanks Savannah Rust for doing such a great job and dealing with my crazy kiddos!! :)

we are alive and life is good!

just a quick note to say that we are all doing well! life is extremely busy these days...noah is about to turn 2 (we'll be having a toy story birthday party on the 30th), jonah is almost 3 months and growing like a weed! a very cute little weed! we just brought our puppy otis home after a year of living with jamie's parents and sister (thanks aunt jj for taking such good care of our baby boy!) jamie has been working hard putting up the rest of the fence and is about to start building our patio furniture! i'm not sure what to think of this, so for now i'm being supportive! i'm praying that it turns out well and doesn't take more than a few weeks to complete! :) we'll see... i'm working 3 full days and seeing patients on my own occasionally 2 days a week now, just became a mary kay beauty consultant (visit to order or just browse the awesome products!!) and a few weekends ago i was elected to be "president elect" (basically vice president) of the arkansas state dental hygiene association!! i am so honored that the association thought i was ready for this! i have always wanted to be in leadership but i never dreamed i would be there this soon in my career (i've only been practicing hygiene for about 2 1/2 years!) obviously this is a huge deal to me and i'm so excited!!! i really need to start thinking about themes for my presidency next year! :) that's so cool!!