In Our Ark

He's the daddy of this crazy bunch. My adorable hubby and "Son of a Preacher Man". We were married (by his father) on July 23, 2005, just shy of a year after we started was love at first sight. He is a great man and a great daddy - such a hard worker and so protective of his babies! Quite the computer nerd, he loves all things techy! He recently discovered the joys of baking, and longs to open his own bakery one day...for real ;) I love this man! Always full of surprises!!

I'm the mommy. Dental hygienist extraordinare, I became pregnant during my last semester of dental hygiene school! Morning sickness just made taking my boards that much better! I recently switched from being a full time RDH to a full time SAHM! We are enjoying this new phase of life! Having always worked outside the home, being home with my boys is such a nice change of pace! I'm depending on the Lord to give me the patience and wisdom I need to love, care for, and teach my boys! I love my family and feel overjoyed most days that God blessed me with such an amazing life.

Noah Milton
Our first born came to join us October 21, 2008 at 4:12 in the afternoon. Weighing in at 6 pounds 13 ounces, this 20.02 inch long baby stole our hearts the first moment we saw him! Now a rambunctious toddler, he keeps his momma on her toes!! He loves to play outside in his wagon or on his slide, loves going to the "choich" (church) to see his PaPa, loves to chase the cats at Daya and Gramps' house, and boy does he love technology (ie cell phones, computers, remotes....anything with buttons!!) Eating berries is a favorite past time, especially blueberries! He is in love with his baby brother for sure! "Yeah Baby" is his new favorite phrase! He is a very funny, sensitive, independent child. Never a dull moment with Noah around!!
                                    Jonah Norman
Our newest addition, arrived at 8:28 AM, July 8, 2010. He weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces and measured 20 inches. Same length, yet two pounds larger than his big bubba! He looks just like Noah, but has mommy's cheeks and nose! So far he is a great, easy baby...eating ALL THE TIME!! He was born hungry and hasn't stopped eating since! We are all so in love with him! This baby has grown quickly into the perfect addition to our family! Sweet, mama's boy...he is the polar opposite of his brother! We look forward to watching him

Isaiah Ronald
We found out on September 24, 2012 that we would be expecting another little one! "Chi-Chi" as Noah deemed the little bean in this first ultrasound picture, is due May 30, 2013! Sure enough, God saw fit to bless us with a 3rd SON!! We are all so excited to see what Isaiah will be like!! How could he possibly be any more different from his brothers!? I'm hoping for a head full of hair, maybe red! And is it okay for me to want this little dude to be a chunky monkey!?