Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I had a fabulous birthday yesterday!! 
27 will be another great year, I'm sure of it!

We had a low key kinda day, but we managed to pack in a ton of fun!!

My parents stopped by to drop me off a little gift which included a sweet picture of the boys that I had instagrammed while we walked on the land the other day. Mom knows I rarely get around to printing the pictures - so she went ahead and had it put on a little mount and everything for me! They also brought me a rock that dad had picked up that same night.{Backstory~ if you knew me when I was around 10 years old, you probably saw my rock collection. I've always been a nerd and I collected cool rocks I would find and kept them in a caboodle :) You are a true 90's kid if you had a caboodle!! Mine was purple and heart shaped, and yes, I still have it along with all the rocks inside.} So dad found this rock and thought I would like it because it had a hole bored into it.. a perfect, cylindrical hole and the cool thing was that the opposing piece was still inside it! So mom planted fake flowers in the hole :) I love my mom's creative-ness! She used Easter basket grass too!! 

My sister had me and the boys over for lunch and she fixed us fried chicken and mashed potatoes! Sooo yummy!!! Jonah got up from the table, so I thought he was done and I reached over and ate his three cut up bites of chicken...well then he came back for the chicken.. oops :( 

After the boys' nap time, we hit up the park for a few minutes..it was pretty warm for this preggo yesterday - then we picked Jamie up from work to go to my grandparents home. Grammi and Papa cooked a huge meal for us - ribs, baked beans, coleslaw, bread, and chicken nuggets and fries for the kiddos :) I had mentioned to Grammi that I made a horrible apple pie the other day {seriously, I threw it away.. do not used canned apples. eww.} So she had an apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert! So Yummy!!! The boys had a blast playing outside and getting dirty! Noah even got to spend the night! Jamie and I were talking on the way home about how special it is that the boys have great grandparents and that they are able to really spend time with them!! They are super special to me, I was the first grandchild and I spent a ton of time with them growing up. Grammi of course sent us home with all the leftovers and tons of little birthday goodies - including gifts for the boys!

Tonight is dinner with Jamie's family at Olive Garden. It seems to me that all of my family knows the way to this preggo girlies heart - lots of yummy food! :)

This was taken on Sunday before church - I'm 33 weeks with mr. isaiah! Only 6 weeks to go!!

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