Sunday, June 26, 2011

We've been gone...

We played a little Galaga...

Ate at the local Pizza Hut...

Wore my hair in braids several times...

And even played with our cars at the Laundromat!! (while mommy and daddy did all the laundry!)

We were gone for a full week to church camp and man are we glad to be home!!!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

lost this week -1 pound!

(this is actually from last week...i'm pretty sure that i'm down more than this, but i don't go off my home scale, only the gym and i have not weighed in this week due to some crazy heat exhaustion...have you ever experienced that?? it's the pits! i haven't been able to work out this week..but i've gained some strength back today and went walking around our neighborhood for about 20 minutes...i also have the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred dvd that i might try later today)

goal: -55 lbs by December vacation to Disney!!!
total lost: -11.75lbs
to go: -43.25 lbs!

goal: -100 lbs
total lost: -26 lbs
to go: 74 lbs!

can i just say how proud i am of jamie!! he is looking so good and keeping me so very accountable...even when i don't want to be held accountable :) i know he is feeling so much better about himself and everyone is noticing his weight loss!! keep it up honey!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

{i heart my camera}

because i only know how to use one setting {thanks Jenny} and it gives me gems like this one...

and this one!

**just had to mention a cute giveaway over at Lauren Grace Boutique...i would love to win that cute Hog's shirt!!**

Noah & Ninny Weekend {Part 2}

sorry i've been MIA this weekend...we were going, going, going!! we had a great time and now it's monday and back to reality..which in the Brown home meant i spent all day cleaning this house cause it was a pigsty!

and now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

while Jenny was in last weekend, our main goal was to photograph her newest project...DIY Birthday Kits. You can visit her BLOG or check out her awesome ETSY site for more info. Basically, she created some awesome party ideas {most of these are for the boys right now, but she has several girl ideas in store also...she was trying to help me out since i've got the boys!} and all you have to do is purchase the kit, download it, and print everything out!! She included everything you can imagine for a great party: cupcake circles, invitations, banner, treat bag tags, goes on and on and several of the items {like the circles} can be used in many different ways!! She is so creative and has had such a great time coming up with these ideas and putting them to good use!! we literally staged 3 different birthday parties in my kitchen all day saturday! Cutting out everything takes a little time, but with help {and a few great crafty tools} it comes together in about an hour! We staged the ninja, royal knights, and pirates parties!!! Noah had a blast eating all the cupcakes and cake pops and he was our model for the day for all of the hats!! {he was bribed with chocolate each time!} Jenny and I had a great time and I know her stuff is gonna really take off!! so stop by her shop and check it out! i think you'll love it!!! now for the pics!!

after all of our party staging fun, we had a blast playing with the balloons outside and noah even attached a note to one and let it go!! :) it was so cute "I Noah, and Jonah." pretty sure that's all it said! LOL! he dictated the note to aunt ninny!

jonah enjoyed the balloons too!!

what a fun weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday


there will be no weight loss wednesday this week...

because i couldn't bear to get on the scale at the gym yesterday.

because i ate all weekend
{i'm blaming it on pms and the fact that we made cake pops!}

jamie didn't weigh this week either...

we had nachos with amazing guacamole! cake pops and cupcakes! i even drank 2 cream sodas, a coca cola, and 2 pibb extras! {over the course of 2 days! YIKES!}
i went a litle crazy with the sodas because i've been doing so good lately only having a coke zero every now and then...but jamie brought home the good stuff for the youth all nighter sunday night and i just couldn't help myself...there are exactly 2 pibbs and 8 cokes left in the fridge...HEY EMILY..want some free coca cola??!!

so..i'm a little ashamed..but our normal weight loss wednesday will pick up next week..unless my hormones force me to drive to walmart and load my cart up with every kind of chocolate i can, i'm not gonna do that {i might just need some oreos..or a reese's...oh man} make the junk food cravings go away!!!