Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday


there will be no weight loss wednesday this week...

because i couldn't bear to get on the scale at the gym yesterday.

because i ate all weekend
{i'm blaming it on pms and the fact that we made cake pops!}

jamie didn't weigh this week either...

we had nachos with amazing guacamole! cake pops and cupcakes! i even drank 2 cream sodas, a coca cola, and 2 pibb extras! {over the course of 2 days! YIKES!}
i went a litle crazy with the sodas because i've been doing so good lately only having a coke zero every now and then...but jamie brought home the good stuff for the youth all nighter sunday night and i just couldn't help myself...there are exactly 2 pibbs and 8 cokes left in the fridge...HEY EMILY..want some free coca cola??!!

so..i'm a little ashamed..but our normal weight loss wednesday will pick up next week..unless my hormones force me to drive to walmart and load my cart up with every kind of chocolate i can, i'm not gonna do that {i might just need some oreos..or a reese's...oh man} make the junk food cravings go away!!!

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  1. doooon't dooo it Kaaaaaceeee! you've worked so hard! i love you :) and yes, I want your cokes. even more reason you should practice i can have your cokes :)