Wednesday, January 28, 2009

toss and turn

this morning i woke up to more ice and SNOW!! if only i felt better i might go play in it...probably not though cause it just makes a  mess.. i went to check on noah who was still asleep in his crib...

let me just say that i love this kid...he sleeps sooo well!! which is such a blessing, because if you know me you know i cherish sleep!! noah usually goes to sleep around 9:00, give or take 30 min-1 hour just depending on how our evening has gone, and he sleeps till at least 7 am!!! did i say i love him?? :)

...ok, so i peek in his room and the crazy boy has wiggled his way out of all of the's freezing here! and is now stretched horizontally at the top of his crib! somehow he had managed to rotate himself and pulled his little body up next to his night night ducky :) he's so cute i just had to show jamie..we even videotaped a little..then i was greeted by the most precious smile! i love his smiles in the morning, it's like he's saying, "Good morning mommy!! i love you!!" 

that boy melts my heart!


  1. I just popped over from PW. Welcome to the blogging world!
    I have a Noah too . He's 3

  2. Hey Kacee, fun times here. Lots, lots of interesting blogs. I could spend hours.

  3. yay for a blog!

    Awe...I read something in a book called "Crazy Love" & the author said he 'loves his kids so much that it hurts.' I imagine you can relate to that statement, huh?!