Saturday, January 31, 2009

282 Toothfairy Lane

tonight we went to gama and gramps house (aka my mom and dad) and mom brought out the most hilarious little story written in part by yours truly circa age 10 :)  long story short, while my dad was stationed in mississippi we got the chance to drive down and visit him (maybe for spring break? i don't really remember) of the things we did to occupy the horrifically long trip (imagine the three cagle gals, ages 10, 8, and 6... and one cagle mama trapped in a car for over 10 hours straight!!! yikes!) was to compose a short story titled 282 Toothfairy Lane. each one of us would write a short piece, then mom would say, "STOP!" and the next person had to pick up where it left off! i guess mom came across it today, and it had a tiny note attached to it that read, "Mom, when can we finish writing this? - Kacee" i was using my very best cursive handwriting, so i'm thinking 6th gradish :) so cute, we all had a good laugh while i read it aloud. 

noah was so cute today, he was turned sideways again in his crib, silly old bear...i love long days at home with him when there's nothing to do and i can just sit and stare at him. he's so darn cute, and i swear he changes so much from day to day it baffles me and kinda makes me sad. he's growing so fast - i find myself wanting to slow it down and speed it up all at the same time. for instance i can't wait to see him walk or hear him say mama, but i still want him to be small enough to curl up on my tummy the way he did when he was firstborn. he fit perfectly there, so tiny and soft, he just loved to sleep on my tummy. i miss those days. 

i finished reading the Pioneer Woman's love story...i'm seriously obsessed! i think i spent at least 2 hours reading it today! new post up tomorrow when the big game bad we'll be at a party and i won't get to read it until we get home! :( 

jamie is still playing this horrid game, the one with the old man whose voice mine closely resembled this week. on that note, i am feeling quite a bit better...still sick but my voice is coming back! sang a little in the car tonight, but can't hit those high notes -  SingStar wait for me, i will return to you!

my posts are always so rambley...sorry it's just the way my mind thinks
sweet dreams!

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