Tuesday, February 3, 2009

everything but the kitchen sink...

looonnnngggg day at work, followed by a yummy meal (made by my mommy!!) of chicken and dumplings, and a fussy little boy who went to sleep at *excited squeal* 8:30!!!!! i know, he's great right!?  

then at 10 i got the crazy notion to rearrange the kitchen! i don't know why but i suddenly had all this energy and i just HAD to clean behind the microwave and clean out that little trap under the toaster cause you know that hadn't been done in at least a year! LOL! i shudder to think what Kate would think of me! i'm sure that even with 8 kids she still manages to pull everything out and clean it at least once a week! (and i'm sorry but if you don't know which Kate i'm referring to, well i just feel sorry for you!)

so my question to you tonight is...when's the last time you cleaned out from behind your microwave?? a month, a year, or are you the kind of person...uhhrmm me...who doesn't think about things like that and hasn't done it since she begged and pleaded for her hubbs to "please, please, please buy me a new microwave so it won't overheat my plates anymore" about 2 years ago...yikes...did i really just tell on myself??!! why yes i did...only to say this....

yes, i too like a clean house but in my old age (ha! i'm only 22!) i have come to realize that cleaning out from behind the microwave isn't all that important in the long run. this is what is important to me right now....

*noah - he reached for me today when i got home from work...seeing his face light up when he sees me is my biggest joy *jamie - i love him now more than ever...our relationship is constantly changing, for the better, and seeing him as a daddy makes me love him in a whole new way*my esther bible study, Lord help me get through at least 1 chapter!!! i love getting deeper into the Bible, it truly is fascinating*my family*my relationship with my Heavenly Father - growing by baby steps everyday, "baby steps out the door, baby steps onto the elevator" (name that movie!)*

take a minute to think about what is really important to you right now...then go clean out from behind your microwave, or fridge if you're really really good! :)

ps. a spider crawled out from under my toaster...seriously...i'm not eating anything that has to be toasted for a long time, so long Eggos :(

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  1. Kacee, You are such a good writer. I didn't know that about you. Thanks for being such a great dil.