Sunday, February 8, 2009

a good day for pics

yesterday my mom came over to take some pictures of noah and was a little too windy and chilly outside, but we got a few keepers. later we moved inside and got some really great shots!
like these...

or this one...

...this one is my favorite!!

then gama had to get a couple of pics with her little grandbaby! :)

it's hard to believe how big noah is getting!!! we are going back to the dr. at the end of february for his 4 month checkup! everyone is so anxious to find out how much he has grown...our last checkup was at 2 months and we haven't had to go back since because he's such a healthy boy! Praise God!!


  1. sweet pictures. how fun with your mom. i love doing stuff with my mom too!!! what a blessing that she lives so close.

  2. Love the pictures of you and your baby! Precious :)