Saturday, February 14, 2009

looking back at my favorite valentine's day

it was 2005, jamie and i had been dating for 6 months...i was still away at college, coming in only on the weekends to see my sweetie. it was our first valentines together and i wanted our valentines day and 6 month anniversary festivities to be the same night, February 12. i decided to cook (this involved me opening a frozen lasagna and sticking in the oven at jamie's apartment and opening a bottle of sparkling grape juice!), i bought "The Notebook" and even made some crafty gifts for jamie (they hang in my closet now!). 

When jamie came home from work that night he was greeted by the warm glow of candles, soft romantic music, and a semi-homemade dinner! We watched The Notebook together and ate the yummy meal i had labored over for hours and hours..laugh with it was time for the gift exchange. i presented jamie with my "coupon book" and crafty gift which he loved. then jamie pulled out the gifts he had gotten for me...a HUGE green stuffed frog which was holding a big red heart in it's hands! i think there was another gift, but oops i can't remember! After opening gifts jamie asked me to dance right there in the living room :) so cheesy and so cute! after a few songs we sat down on the couch and jamie said he was feeling sick and was very very sweaty... :/ he got up and said he needed to go to the bathroom... he was gone for a LONG time! 

just about the time i was thinking he had died in there, he came out, still as sweaty as before and pulled me over to the couch. sitting on the floor, he held my hands and occasionally hid his nervous face on my lap. we kissed and made small talk and went over how quickly our relationship had moved over the last six months. 

We had met right after i graduated from high school and had formed a friendship over that summer. It wasn't until i was about to leave for college that Jamie finally let me know that he liked me, he really liked me. We knew it would be difficult to date with me just starting college in a town about an hour away, but we knew we could make it work...and now when i look back at that the hour drive really wasn't that long! I think that from the very beginning we both knew we had something special...i didn't date very much during high school, unlike jamie who had dated just about anyone in a skirt. our friendship had made it easy to date, we didn't feel like we had to hide our true selves from each other we were already comfortable being our goofy selves and we were so in love from the start. in a way it was this fact that made what was coming next feel so right, so natural...but i still had no idea!

Jamie  "did you like your gifts?"
kacee "umm yeah..i really liked the frog, he's so cute!"
jamie "well i have one more gift for you."
kacee (in a totally joking manner holds left hand out and waves her ring finger like a mad woman) "i'm waiting!!!"
jamie (pulls out ring, which he had retrieved from it's hiding place in the bathroom) "i love you so much, will you marry me?!"
kacee "are you serious? i was just joking! are you for real?? like really??!!! YES YES!!!"

my favorite valentine's day!


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