Tuesday, August 11, 2009

just gotta toot my own horn!

okay, so i've been with Let's Lose since the end of May.

we've had our ups and downs...many, many downs...and then several surprising ups...but today was great! i have finally surpassed my 20 lb 'mini goal' and hit 23 stinkin pounds today!!

my consultant, alicia was really proud of me and she even emailed my picture :)
why yes, thank you for noticing! i am wearing a smaller scrub top!! i got to move down a size because we had an extra at work and it just happened to fit this morning!!
what a great day it was!!
Goal Recap:
Longterm goals = -65 lbs/healthy bmi/i want to fit into the jeans i wore before i got married
So far = -23 lbs/bmi has gone down about 5 or 6 points/ i can wear jeans from 2 summers ago!! (about 1 1/2 dress sizes so far!)/ -24.25 inches!!!


  1. that is so awesome, good for you!!! wonderful!!

    I am going to follow you soon- blogger isn't letting me for some reason right now! :)

  2. YAY! Kacee!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Way to go! That is one of my goals to!!! I just never seem to even get to 1 pound. Maybe I should actually try. People who actually do it amaze me.