Sunday, August 9, 2009

hi. my name's kacee. and i'm an addict.

...of Lost and Twilight that is...
i started reading Twilight about 2 weekends ago and i'm LOVING it! i just wish there were more hours in the day so i could actually finish a chapter!! haha!! right now i'm carrying it around in my purse waiting for a delay at a stop light, or a chance to sit in a parking lot and read a few pages...maybe i need to be like Linda of My Trendy Tykes and start hiding in the bathroom so i can read a few pages!! (if you've never checked out her blog, you so should! she's hilarious!! and so down to earth!!)
then last night, for lack of anything good to watch, jamie and i found Lost season 1 on netflix instant play! do you have netflix? if not you should!! it's the best thing ever!! you can instantly download tons of tv shows and movies straight through your xbox 360, or you can buy a little tiny black box called Roku ( i think ) and watch it anytime!! so handy!
my lastest find was the first season of Beverly Hills 90210...hahaha!! that's some funny stuff!!
well, we are on episode 5 i i better go!! it's getting good!! 

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  1. Yes, run and hide in the bathroom! If that doesn't work then a closet is pretty comfy too.

    I am a Lost junkie too. I can not wait until it comes back on. My hubby will be glad too. He get's tired of hearing "I miss Lost." Yep, I started saying that the night after the last episode.