Sunday, August 9, 2009

facelifts and tummy tucks

i've been "trying on" new looks for my blog today..but i think i'm in need of some real help! it still just doesn't 'feel' right! 
so let me know what you think so far...and feel free to leave me any comments/suggestions on what would make it better! anyone know any good, free header designers??  i'd love to add pictures to my header! 

in other news...i'm still dieting with Let's Lose! at my last weigh in i was up to 21 lbs/ 24.25 inches lost!! i am still daily amazed at how much i have really lost, especially when i try on pants that haven't fit in 2 years and they are too big!!! Heck Yes!!
...keeping it in perspective, i still need to lose about 40ish more lbs. but hey! i have lost 21 lbs!! that is FABULOUS!

of course, having a baby completely changes your body. duh! 
i just didn't realize how much it would change it.

my thighs will never be the same. thunder thighs does not begin to cover it. my tummy sags in ways i never knew it could {cesarian scars are just not pretty! i'm gonna ask my ob to do a tummy tuck after the next baby!} my boobs...oh heck, i'm just gonna say it. a few months ago jamie called them "swahili woman boobs." don't pretend you don't know what i'm talking about! but ladies, there is life after breastfeeding! they will shrink back down to normal proportions! stretch marks, varicose veins...these are the reasons i will not be wearing a bikini to the beach this year! 

it is perfectly respectable to wear a swim skirt to the beach! 
come on ya'll show me some love!! ;)

11 days left til our vacation to the Outerbanks, N.C. and Washington D.C.!! i can't wait!! 

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  1. ha ha! swahili woman boobies! life's too short to worry too much over image, isn't it? we all have our (many) body imperfections. I DO! and I haven't even had a baby yet!! lol