Tuesday, August 18, 2009

from My Trendy Tykes...just type in your name followed by each word into google search...it's so random!!

1. {kacee needs} to survive her cancer...i pray against that right now! 
2. {kacee looks like} a lot more fun to be with! definitely!!! :)
3. {kacee wants} you to join her mob...STUPID! i hate all those requests on facebook!
4. {kacee does} it with a unique twist... i'm pretty unique i guess!
5. {kacee hates} stupid roommates...i only had nice roommates! :)
6. {kacee asks} about you all the time. true. i do. ;)
7. {kacee likes} things that smell like cabbage...no i do not!
8. {kacee wears} "budding chiffon" in purple heart, $32, Nordstrom...never been to nordstrom
9. {kacee eats} airplane. i don't think the metal would taste very good.
10. {kacee was arrested for} driving while intoxicated. NEVER!
11. {kacee loves} alex/anthony/ryan...nope...i love JAMIE! :)

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