Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

I am so very inspired by my friend Brittney who has lost an amazing 44 lbs!!! She's done it the slow and steady way, over the last 6 months, which is how I am planning to shed the pounds also!

So my weight loss journey started...well to be honest it started after I had Noah...I did so great with the help of Let's Lose, lost about 30 lbs in 3 months, then I slacked off a bit and got pregnant with Jonah and gained it all back. every last stinkin pound! so this time around I am starting 10 lbs lighter than when I started Let's Lose and my goal is to lose 55 pounds by the time our Christmas trip to Disney World gets here!!

(above: This picture was taken in August 2009 after I had lost about 30 lbs! still wanted to lose another 30 after that but it didn't happen..i got pregnant again instead!)

(<--- This picture was taken in October at Noah's 2nd birthday this is us pre working out/losing weight!)

Jamie and I started working out daily (or almost daily) at a little gym down in Greenwood and have been eating much healthier...lots of protein, no sugar (bye cherry coke! i sure have missed my afternoon Sonic Cherry Coke!!!), and low carbs (notice i didn't say no carbs! could never do that again! tried it in high school...not the diet for me)

stats so far: as of Monday, which is our weigh day, I have lost 3.5 lbs!!! I need to take my measurements so i can see how many inches i'm losing as well...I'm doing really good with the weights and can already feel a change in my weak, flabby arms! also, i've been going to the gym in the morning, they have a sitter for the kids, and i love the energy it gives me for the rest of the day...we had to miss today due to MOPS and Noah's first teeth cleaning appointment (that story will come later)
so wish jamie and i luck on this journey...he wants to lose about 100 lbs (he's already down about 8! i'm so proud of him!!)

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  1. Way to go on losing and doing it on your own! I realized I couldn't (which has made losing weight expensive!). But we will be skinny girls in no time! :-)