Wednesday, April 6, 2011

taycee, "yeah, baby" and CEBU!

well needless to say, i've got some catching up to do!

what a whirl wind the last few months have been! let's recap, shall we?!

July 8 - Jonah was born!!
July 9 - April 6 - Jonah ate, Jonah slept (kinda), Noah went to daycare, Jonah went to Mrs. Julie's, I worked all the time, Jonah ate more, Noah ate broccoli all the time, I became the President Elect for the hygiene association, Jonah crawls weird, Noah says "Yeah, baby" to the waitress at WaffleHouse, Jonah eats more than Noah, Noah calls me "Tay-cee" all the time, there were some holidays thrown in every now and then, oh yea, I got laid off from work, I started staying at home with the boys, Noah kissed all his friends on his last day at daycare, Jonah still doesn't sleep through the night, Noah has become obsessed with singing VeggieTales - "The Song of the Cebu," Jonah still doesn't crawl "right" but now he cruises around everywhere! oh! and Jamie learned to bake bread and wants to open a bakery! (and he started his own blog...i should warn you that it doesn't make any sense..and it's not supposed to!)

whew..i think that's everything! elaborations are coming! :)


  1. You did have some catching up to do! Welcome back!!

  2. Welcome back!! You popped up on my blog list and I was like huh? Oh yeah...I remember her...(no offense...I blame pregnancy brain).