Thursday, April 28, 2011

terrific thursday!

my day so far...
6:30 - wake up with jamie, make his lunch, start dinner in the crockpot, run a load of dishes, tidy kitchen
7:15 - get dressed to go work out, get the kids bag packed for a day with PaPa (jamie's dad) then Mrs. Julie (the babysitter) then Daya (my mom), drink my breakfast (strawberries and cream slimfast! YUMMY!)
7:30 - start to get the kids up, load up the car, change, dress, and get milk ready for both kids...jonah prefers warm formula in his sippy cup with the soft spout only, and noah wants cold "choc choc" (chocolate milk) preferably in his Toy Story cup
7:59 we're finally in the car and on the way to greenwood...
8:11 detour thru greenwood because of an ambulance, fire truck, police car and others in front of the Deal's home (she's in my workout class so i asked her what happened...she had no idea!)
8:15ish drop the boys off with PaPa...noah has to show me at least 3 things before i can get out the door
8:20 made it to the gym for the first circuit class! i'm pumped!!
9:20 OMG! hardest class EVER! my arms and legs feel like jello! Amanda's gonna get me in shape though!!
10:00 weigh (i hate my scale!), shower, dress for work, makeup, hair (still partially wet cause of this dang ol' humidity!)...lost one of my favorite earrings?! cannot find it, maybe it fell behind the bed last night?
11:00 writing this blog post because i feel like i've had a full day and it's only 11:00!!! still have to eat lunch, go to Sam's and make it to work by 1:00 :) i have a potential hygiene student shadowing me today so i have to be on my best clinical behavior ;)

off for more of my terrific thursday! have a blessed day!

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