Tuesday, May 3, 2011


i really love this blog i just found last night...she's a sahm who has a dreamy home, and she did all the decorating - on a BUDGET! :) i'm really in love with the master bedroom, especially the upholstered headboard! and i want to know what kind of bed and where she got that bedskirt! it's perfectly polished and tailored..i love the crisp, clean look!

i would love to be bold and paint my room this color, but i just don't think i can go there yet..we have the same color throughout the house.
this chair is from IKEA, a steal at only $249!! the ottoman is an additional $99.99, and it has built in storage! i have a great ottoman that i found for only $60 at Furniture Factory Outlet, it is robin's egg blue with a light floral pattern...it's my color inspiration for the room and will go great with everything she has in the picture!


  1. Kacee-
    I love that blog...and her house! I think you and I have similar taste! I love the simplicity and livability of it. I say you go for it and paint a room, but be careful...it's addicting! Congrats on being a new SAHM too. Maybe I can convince you to go back to work if I'm back in the area and the little ones are in school :)

  2. paint your room! do it! step out on the wild side :) love the room. it's beautiful - can't wait to see what you do w/ yours

  3. thanks ladies!!! and susan - that would be so fun to work for you! :)