Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my baby

jonah norman. my second-born. little brother. you are such an individual!

at 10 months old you like to go, go, go and you LOVE food! you love applesauce, bananas, avocados, asparagus, rice, cheesy beans from La Fiesta. you don't like meat very much yet. sometimes you like pasta. it depends on your mood. you LOVE cinnamon toast Eggo's!

you are almost walking. we think it'll happen any day now. you love to hold onto the back of my pant legs and walk with me {well, usually you want to be picked up, but i use this as an opportunity to make you walk!}

you love to be held; on your own terms. you like to be held when someone is standing up, but if they sit down, watch out! your screams are piercing!

you growl at people. we think noah taught you this.

sometimes people don't really see the "real" you, because it takes you a while to warm up. you study faces for a long time before you will smile, unless it's someone you know well. you look really serious when you stare, like you are really trying to figure something out.

you weigh a little over 20 pounds and are about 30 inches tall...you are catching up to your big brother fast in height! you wear 12 month shirts and 6-9 month pants...even though you are so tall, you are pretty small around still, so the 12 month pants just fall right off! we're glad it's summer now, because the shorts look better than too-short jeans!

you have big feet, just like the rest of us. we don't put shoes on you yet, unless we are dressing up for church sometimes. you wear around a 4 1/2 or a 5 in shoes. to put this in perspective, your brother at 2 1/2 {who also has big feet} is in a size 9-10

you are completely uninterested in tv. you would rather be following otis around, playing with noah, or getting into the trash than watch a show.

you take 1-2 naps per day {usually around 10:00 and then after lunch sometime around 1 - the 2nd nap is usually pretty long, the 1st one varies} you sleep through the night most of the time. you still wake up every now and then...lately it's been every night. ugh!

there is so much about you that i don't know yet. you are so different from your brother, but in many ways i see that you guys are alike too. you are such a special little boy, jonah! i love my second-born and i thank God for letting me be your mommy!

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