Saturday, May 14, 2011

bark for the arc

trying to get a picture with 2 kids and a dog is quite difficult :)

this morning we attended "Bark for the Arc" a dog walk for a great organization here in Fort Smith that benefits disabled children.

first we walked all around Ben Geren park, 1.5 miles with 2 kids and our little shi tzu, Otis! noah and otis did great, but jonah wasn't really having a great time...he had a little accident about half way through the walk and we had to wait til we finished and got back to the car to change him. oh life with kids is never boring!! {ps. it was 54 degrees... we were freezing! my thinking was, oh it'll be fine once we start walking, we'll work up a sweat! nope. never warmed up. poor jonah was cold even in pants and a jacket}

our little group (minus jamie) at the finish line!

after the walk, there was a firetruck and police truck to visit! the boys loved this!! they even got to take a picture with 3 firemen!

they also provided lunch and a t-shirt for us {i'm not wearing the shirt because all they had left were smalls. the sweet lady said "i hope you can wear a small" and i just said, "nope, but my kids can grow into them!"} during lunch they did awards for the dogs, smallest dog, largest dog, most energetic dog, etc. i'm not sure when you were supposed to enter your dog for the contest because i didn't have the chance to enter otis for any of the categories...oh well, he's the BEST dog to us!! :) {he was my valentine's day gift for our first v-day as a married couple - he was born january 15, 2006}

my sweet oti' boy before on the way to the walk. he found a new favorite place in the car!

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  1. how neat!! that looks like so much fun - too bad it was cold though! I love the pic of Otis on the head rest. So cute.