Monday, May 30, 2011

Noah & Ninny Weekend {Part 1}

this weekend it was all about her...

it is so obvious that noah loves his aunt ninny,
because when she comes to visit, no one else exists.

Jenny came down on Thursday night. we had dinner together with the whole family, then we came back to our house and Jenny showed noah how to make balloon hats and swords! She brought him a few new cars...she even found the Tormentor {Mater's Tall Tales}! he was so excited!!

Jenny spent the night at our house...noah was a little confused. he thought he was going home with her, he didn't realize she was staying with us. he was so afraid she was going to leave him!

Friday we spent the day running errands and getting everything ready for our big plans on Saturday {stay tuned for Noah & Ninny Weekend Part 2}.

We ran into town to get supplies and worked on some projects at the house. We even attempted cake pops, but they were a dud {tasted great, looked awful!}, so Jenny made a new batch on Saturday morning! That evening, we all got together at my house for homemade lasagna. I made two kinds, one had all mushroom and spinach and the other had italian sausage and spinach. my in laws don't like mushrooms but i persuaded them to try it and guess what?! they LOVED it!!

after dinner we packed the kids up and headed for Chuck E. Cheese!! Noah had been talking about going there all day...seriously. about once every hour or so he would say, "we go to Chuck Cheese?" and i would have to tell him not yet!! the boys both had a great time...jonah is almost walking and can just barely reach a couple of the games. he spent time watching me play skeeball and riding around in his stroller. he also really enjoyed the slide this time! noah loves one little game in particular. it is basically just a phone with big buttons! he LOVES it!! we all won a bunch of tickets {430!!} so noah got to pick out a small skateboard, TinkerBell pencil, crazy straw, and a small blue frisbee for his brother!

noah did not want his picture taken at Chuck E. Cheese! he was too busy playing!!

up next: Noah & Ninny Weekend {Part 2} - our ginormous Saturday project!!


  1. y'all do such fun stuff together!!

  2. Aw, what a sweet day! Sounds like Ninny loves her Noah too!