Monday, May 16, 2011

my firstborn

my baby is growing up! he's now 2 1/2...31 months on May 21st. he is such a rambunctious, fun little man! he keeps his daddy and me on our toes, and says some of the funniest stuff lately.
*he's really into talking in sentences and really loves to tell us, "i do it by myself!" he's constantly telling us, "i tall!" especially when he's standing in a chair, on a table, or on his stool.
*he really has become very independent and will look for things to help him accomplish whatever task he's trying to complete. a common phrase heard around here is, "my stool will help me." {as in: my stool will help me get in the bath, make cookies with aunt cc, climb into bed, etc..}

*he LOVES to sing and dance. he has a microphone and a guitar {te-tar as he calls it} and he will most usually be caught singing a Veggie Tales song. his favorites are: the bunny song, stand up {for what you believe in}, the song of the cebu, and LARRY BOY! he also loves to sing this little light of mine and Jesus loves me! we sing everyday in the car and every night before bed. most days, i turn the radio on in the house and we like to sing and dance around. he woke up the other day, and the first thing he said to me was, "mama, sing hot dog song." that's the mickey mouse clubhouse theme for those of you that don't speak noahese

*he sleeps in the guest bed, our old queen size bed, because he kept climbing out of his crib and didn't like sleeping in his toddler bed. most nights he sleepwalks to our room, carrying his "mo-mo" {blankie}, water cup, and an assortment of toys that he was sleeping with. if he forgets one thing in his bed, he puts up a finger and says, "i be right back" then he runs back to his room to get his lost items.

*mo-mo still goes everywhere with him. lately i've started leaving it behind, and if he doesn't grab it then he doesn't get it. i tell him, "you are big enough to remember what you want to take with you. if you forget it we will just have to get it once we get back home." no more special trips back to the house to get mo-mo. {i have a "blankie" of sorts that i use to keep the light out of my eyes when i sleep, and he has begun referring to it as "mama's mo-mo" :) too funny!}

*noah weighs about 32 pounds and is somewhere around 37 inches tall {i could be wrong on this one, we haven't measured in a while}. he loves to stand on my scale and see how much he weighs, then he tells me, "you're turn!" he is wearing anything from a 2t to a just depends on the brand. we love the children's place pants because they have the adjustable waist...both my boys are tall and skinny, so it's a necessity! the 3t pants fit great if they are adjusted to almost the tightest setting.

*he is a little bit ocd. he gets really upset if something spills on him, or if he gets his hands dirty, esp sticky. he has methods for how he likes things done. for example: his mo-mo must be laying across the back of his chair during meals...he seriously will go look for it, and then show me where to put it! he is obsessive about really small things. he asks us constantly, "where is Jessie's/ Woody's hat?" he will look all over and then proudly exclaim, "i found Woody's hat!"

*he would wear his Buzz lightyear t-shirt and his Woody boots everyday if i would let him...and most days, i let him ;) {if it's clean!}

*he loves his family. i mean he really, really, really loves his grandparents and his aunts and uncles, and his bubba! he loves his mama and daddy too, but there is just something about the way he lights up when he sees his Nana, Daya, Gramps, PaPa, aunt ninny, aunt cc...i could go on and on...he is so blessed to be around so much family!!

*he LOVES to go to church. he knows that this is where he sees his friends and of course his PaPa, but we are really making it a point that he knows we go to church not to just see our friends, but we go to learn about Jesus. it makes my heart so happy when he reminds us to pray at dinner and then he wants to list everyone that he thinks needs prayer. he always finishes with a loud AMEN! :)

i love my firstborn so much. he was such an easy baby and has grown into such a joyful, beautiful toddler. God has truly blessed me with Noah.

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  1. Such a sweet post. Where do ya'll go to church?