Monday, May 9, 2011

christmas cookies in may?

while jamie and craig {uncle teg} were gone to a MMA {mixed martial arts} tournament, carah and i decided to let the boys help us make sugar cookies. of course the only cookie cutters i have are a christmas set :) we had a blast! i'm sure noah ate more cookie dough than actual cookies. every time he would break a shape, he would eat the dough! then jonah got in on that action and the little sneaky boy would just every so slowly reach his hand into the pile of dough and grab a piece until his mouth was absolutely stuffed with it!

Noah really enjoyed decorating the shapes with blue and pink crystals and little green men shapes {left overs from his Toy Story birthday cupcakes!}

the cookies were so yummy!! {oh ya, we totally cheated on the diet this weekend!}

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