Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

lost this week -1.75!

goal: -55 lbs by December vacation to Disney!!!
total lost: -10.75lbs
to go: -44.25 lbs!
days until goal: 205

goal: -100 lbs
total lost: -20 lbs
to go: 80 lbs!

FINALLY made it to the 10 pound mark!
WOO HOO!! it seems like such a small achievement, but i'm takin it!
we got a new scale this nice to finally have a scale that says the same thing the scale at the gym says {our old one always showed me about 5-6 lbs heavier! not encouraging!} it also tracks your weight loss and goals, as well as your BMI, water weight, and bone weight?! i have no idea how it figures out how much your bones weigh, but it's kinda cool!

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