Saturday, May 21, 2011

insta-friday {on saturday}

i found these cute boys at the park by our house... :)
we stopped at the gas station first to get something to drink and noah picked out a Gatorade. he's never had it before, i have no idea why he picked it out
he only drank about 1/4 of the whole's still in the fridge

noah running away from me at the park...a common occurrence lately!
{we loved this bridge! so pretty!}

noah is totally type A. loves to organize like his mama!

friday night my sister and i surprised the guys with a trip to Sky Vue, our favorite little getaway place! it's such a nice little bed and breakfast!!
we cheated on our diet and had their amazing pizza friday night {and again for lunch on saturday!} and then saturday morning Janice made us an amazing breakfast!
oh my was it good!!
my hubby and i at Sky Vue. we have lost track on how many times we have stayed here.
we came here on our honeymoon and for a few anniversaries!

best friends...alyssa and noah after the movies today.
{noah wanted to hold her hand, she wasn't sure at first}
we watched Rio. they thought the birds were pretty and funny, we thought there was a little too much adult humor...good thing they don't understand any of it yet.

that was my awesome week! :) hope yours was grand!

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