Saturday, May 28, 2011

insta-friday {on saturday}

okay. so i have a problem.
i feel like i'm always a day behind this week.
not sure why this is, but i totally forgot yesterday was Friday..oh well..

last Sunday, at church with my hubby :)

sweet baby fell asleep on me early this week. i love the rare moments when he is still and lets me hold him..he's always on the move now. almost walking!!

Thursday i let Andrea put some feathers in my hair!! i don't usually go for the super trendy stuff, but i thought this was a really subtle, fun thing to do! i have 2 is light pink and the other is black and white!

Thursday night. jamie made the Tom's shoes i wanted "magically appear" in my closet! his note says, "Abra-Cadabra!" :) he is so thoughtful!!

my new Tom's. bottlecap green! i <3 them!

jonah's first picture with Chuck E. Cheese! :) 5/27/11

jenny {aunt ninny}, jonah, and jamie at Chuck E. Cheese...we all had a great time!!

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