Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the SHELLAC experience continues!

i just had to mention that my amazing hubby is down 15 pounds!! he flexed for me last night and let me just say, wow! :) love you jame! keep it up!!!

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here we are at day 5 of my Shellac manicure {picture was taken on tuesday}! it's holding up really nicely, only a couple of minor chips, both on my first fingers, and now a small chip on my right thumb. my nails were very brittle and thin to start with after removing the solar nails i had worn for quite some time. i think the next manicure will last even better now that they've had a little chance to grow out a bit.

have any of y'all had the chance to try the shellac experience yet?? let me know if you try it! i'd love to see pics of different colors!!! there are so many new colors i want to salon only offers about 8 colors though. bummer! i may have to ask them to order some more!!

colors i want to try include: Gotcha, Iced Coral, Hot Pop Pink, and Rock Royalty... i also think it would be fun to try the Mother of Pearl..white nails seem to be in this season and you have to love the sparkles!!


  1. How much does it cost to get them done?

  2. I like gotcha! and way to go Jamie!!