Monday, May 9, 2011

a weekend at ninny's

we recently traveled over to Tulsa to visit my sister in law, Jenny.
We had a great time just hanging out with her.
We even ventured out to Incredible Pizza one day. that place is seriously incredible! noah thinks it's chuck e. cheese and there is no amount of persuasion to convince him it isn't.

when we first arrived at jenny's house, she ushered us outside to show us something in the backyard...

my kids love their aunt ninny (jenny)
when she's around, no one else exists
maybe it's because she built them an awesome clubhouse, complete with a pirate ship steering wheel and "hot dog" on top! {the crow's nest is coming soon}...or maybe it's just because she will always stop to play with them and will do anything and everything to make them feel special. she's such a cool aunt :)

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