Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

this is my 2nd weight loss wednesday since starting my program and i'm happy to announce that i'm down 6 pounds!!

goal: -55 lbs by December vacation to Disney!!!
lost: -6 lbs
to go: 49 lbs!

i went to the Total Cardio Circuit class on Tuesday and did a lot better than i thought i would do! i made it through the entire hour class and felt great. i stretched longer afterwards and i'm not nearly as sore as last time!! i have the same class tomorrow at 8:15 am, but since i went to BSF this morning, i didn't get to workout today...i think jamie and i might go tonight if he feels up to it (he missed his workout last night so he's gotta make one up too!)

best news yet - this morning i went into my closet and just thought i would try on some jeans that haven't fit since i got pregnant with jonah (that was in November 2009) and guess what?!! THEY FIT!!! okay, so they're a little tight and i have a little bit of what they call a "muffin top" in them, but they went up, zipped and buttoned!! lol!!! i was so excited! i was down to just a couple pairs of jeans that fit and now my wardrobe has opened up again!! :) hooorayy!!

my friend Brooke told me about a book that she has been reading by Candace Cameron (Kirk Cameron's brother) she played DJ on Full House...she wrote a book about weight loss and her faith and Brooke said it really helped her. it's called, "Reshaping It All." It's about giving God the glory for your weight loss and knowing that if we ask anything from Him, and seek Him he will answer. I know i can't do anything on my own, but through Christ I can do ALL things! (phillippians 4:13)

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