Sunday, July 4, 2010

sweet friends

although friday started off disappointing, it was quickly remedied by getting to spend time with one of my best friends and her hubby, brooke and craig pachlhofer.

let me just tell you about these guys...

brooke and i became fast friends our junior year of high school during our spanish 2 class...brookie cookie and kacee cassandra! people used to ask us if we were sisters!! we are very much alike in some ways, and very different in others, our birthdays are exactly a week apart, and she will always be one of my dearest friends...

kacee and brooke at the mr./mrs. ghs pageant - April 2004

craig and jamie were friends all through high school as well...then craig went off and joined the air force and became a pilot. jamie didn't get to see him too often, but they always remained friends.craig and jamie (center) at a high school banquet - 1999 or 2000

in 2005 while jamie and i were dating/planning our wedding, we introduced craig to brooke. the first meeting wasn't great because it involved our cat dying that night..long story for another day. but when they met again at our wedding {devious jamie and i had arranged for them to be paired up in the wedding ceremony} it was a different story....

craig and brooke rehearsing for our wedding (see me watching from the doorway?)

brooke at our wedding - july 23, 2005

craig called jamie on our honeymoon to ask for brooke's phone number...and 5 years later the rest is history! they got married in october 2006 - jamie and i were both in their wedding.

brooke and her bridesmaids-october 18, 2006 (i am on the far left)

craig and his groomsmen

we have remained close friends, even though craig's job forces them to travel to far off military bases, they are the kind of friends that we can see once or twice a year and pick up exactly where we left off...we dream of living side by side with a white picket fence between our yards and our kids growing up together...

the guys and the gals at the Lodes' wedding - May 2007

July 2007 - visiting the pachlhofer home in mississippi

December 2009 - girls night out!

April 2010 - shower hosted by brooke for baby jonah!

so anyways we went out to Cheddar's for dinner {i had something so yummy - baked spaghetti! "spasagna" YUMMO!!} and then to the movies for The Last Airbender (we had no idea that it was a children's movie! haha! of course jamie loved it! craig, brooke, and i nearly fell asleep several times!)

craig and brooke will be back in town next weekend visiting family and i'm so excited because they will get to meet jonah!!! when i had noah back in 2008, brooke came home to visit, and got to spend some time with noah...she even came over early one morning to cook me breakfast and clean my house! you don't find friends like her everyday! makes me tear up just thinking about it...

craig will be deploying overseas later this month and will be gone for 6 months! we are gonna miss him so much!! hopefully brooke will get to come home a lot and spend lots of time with me and the boys! :) please remember these dear friends in your prayers!

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