Thursday, July 1, 2010

sleep deprieved

**can't remember if i posted a picture of jonah's diaper bag yet or not! so here it is! Thanks Keep it Gypsy!!**

it's 4:40 am... not a time i like to see...i can hear jamie snoring..yes, jamie, you do snore! i'm wide awake (sorta) playing on the computer because this crazy, active baby in my belly will not let me sleep!!! i swear heartburn will be the death of me yet! and i just ran out of Titralac! what's a girl to do??

this past week has been pretty interesting...we went to the dr's last friday for my 37 week check up and my belly measured 41...i knew i felt huge this time but i wasn't prepared for that!! so the midwife ordered an ultrasound to get a glimpse of how big this kid may be...sweet nurse Ruby did my ultrasound...she was the nurse in the room when i was born! how cool is that?! we chatted about my pregnancies and caught up on old times! haha! she is in home videos from my birth and my sister's birth! (the same dr delivered all three of us, but Ruby was only there for the first 2) anyways, when she started trying to measure jonah, she couldn't see all of his head...he is LOW! she got good measurements of his tummy and femur and it was estimated that he was about 8 1/2 pounds and his "gestastional age" was 38 weeks 6 days! woah!!! it should have been 37 weeks 4 days! so needless to say, i'm cooked! this baby is ready! "any day now" the midwife said.

well that was almost a week ago, and i'm still pregnant! i've been so paranoid that my water would break at some inopportune while i'm putting sealants on some kids teeth, or at the grocery store waddling along the aisles...but alas, it has not happened. i'm having some contractions, but nothing regular...mostly i'm just feeling a lot of cramping and pressure very low. and jonah never stops moving! i'm sure he is very uncomfortable and would just like to come out and see his mommy, daddy, and brother!!

we went walking around our neighborhood tonight after dinner...still no major contractions! just terrible heartburn that won't let up and so much pressure there is no way i can lay down without being uncomfortable.

we go back to the dr on friday morning...scheduled for another ultrasound at 9 am and then a meeting with dr. cayer at 9:30. i'm praying they keep me! it makes me so nervous to be this far along, knowing that i am planning to have a cesarian, and at any moment i could go into labor and be an hour and a half away from the hospital.

sorry for all the venting! i'm just so ready to meet jonah!!

in other news:

tomorrow is my last day of work!!! our office is closed next week for 4th of July vacation, so officially i only have one more day! that is if i'm able to stay awake after this crazy, no sleep night!

noah is on a Cars marathon/kick thing right now. he loves all things Lightning McQueen - and jamie and i have subsequently memorized the entire movie. noah has a stuffed lightning and we say "what does lightning say?" and noah will say "achowww" (kachow is the sound he makes in the movie) so cute!

noah is really starting to talk a LOT lately! he says some form of "bubble" when he is in the bath playing with the bubbles, "more" almost in question form, like can i have more...especially if we're eating ice cream!, "hop up" because we are always telling him to hop up in the car, hop up on the couch, etc...he still talks in "Noahese" and motions with his hands quite a bit. we all get a kick out of his ramblings. and the kid loves to sing! he knows all the motions to this song called "Rock A Bye Your Teddy Bear" and he "sings" it to his build a bear and does the motions! he also breaks out into song and dance at random sil jenny got a great video of him singing and dancing while they were at the Oklahoma Aquarium this past weekend.

okay i think that about does it for the's now 5:05 am! ahh! i really need some sleep!! good night i hope!

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